Surrett deserves the

support of local voters

To the Editor:

John Surrett has been an active community participant in over 90 percent of the council meetings these past 2-½ years. He's worked with the issues facing the city, including the sewer interceptor, the water project, and the WEB.

Mr. Hoffman has been noticeably absent from the meetings all this time. Surrett will devote the time, professional expertise, and business skills to ensure that projects will get finished on schedule.

John Surrett reached out to the citizens and formed a grassroots organization called Ask Lake Oswegans. The organization awakened the residents of Lake Oswego to the policy and financial decision abuses of the mayor and Councilman Hoffman and their inattention to our health and safety.

The defeat of the WEB bond in May 2008 is a prime example of the scrutiny the voters are now exercising. Let us not forget that the Lake Owego Review Editorial Board endorsed passage of the tax measure. The voters rejected their endorsement. Their endorsement of Hoffman does not hold him accountable for his votes of the past which bring us the problems that we residents and taxpayers face today.

Three non-resident endorsement writers from the Review opining on, and recommending who the next mayor should be, must be rejected once again. They don't pay the freight in Lake Oswego. We, 23,000 registered voters do, and it is our endorsement that counts.

John Surrett has lived and paid taxes here for over 32 years. He has tirelessly and constructively worked for the betterment of our community. Endorse Surrett.

Linda Sheehan

Lake Oswego

Moncrieff is the right choice for city council

To the Editor:

I couldn't agree more with your endorsement of Sally Moncrieff for Lake Oswego City Council.

She has proven her value to our community many times over, especially during the last year and the efforts she expended forging the agreement that led to Lakeridge High School's first home football game.

Mary Ann Kunkel

Lake Oswego

Local school option is worth supporting

To the Editor:

These days it seems as if we live in a crisis-oriented society, from one bailout to the next so to speak.

Yet there is a local opportunity to break out of this crisis cycle by voting yes on the continuation of Lake Oswego Local School Option 3-305. The future of Lake Oswego is best served by maintaining an exceptional K-12 school system.

I urge the citizens of Lake Oswego to take the 'long view' and ensure that our most important assets - our school children - are given every opportunity to succeed in the rough and tumble world that awaits them. Vote yes on Local School Option 3-305 - our bright future depends on us.

Frank Groznik

Lake Oswego City Councilor

Lake Oswego

Interests could collide

for Hoffman

To the Editor:

Jack Hoffman is a gifted lawyer and a capable public servant. But because of these gifts, his candidacy for mayor represents a major conflict of interest.

Hoffman is a land-use attorney with many corporate clients. Many of his clients have business with the city. As mayor, Hoffman will have to choose between the interests of his paying clients or the public.

In the past, Hoffman has not handled conflicts of interest with consistency. As a councilor, he rightly recused himself from the Avamere decision because his firm represented Avamere. But he later participated in the council decision to award the Safeco/community center design services contract to BOORA Architects in 2006.

06.pdf .

'Councilor McPeak moved to authorize the city manager to enter into a contract with BOORA Architects for design services for the community center project in the amount of $167,300. Councilor Hoffman seconded the motion.'

BOORA Architects are clients of Hoffman's firm.

If elected, Hoffman's professional and political roles will collide. Voters will have no way of knowing whether his decisions are truly impartial or to advance his professional objectives and enrich his clients. As mayor, his every land-use decision would be tainted by the shadow of impropriety.

The public would be better served by a candidate unburdened by these questions.

Jacqueline Heydenrych

Lake Oswego

Tierney's DRC work proves leadership skills

To the Editor:

Bill Tierney has earned our vote for Lake Oswego City Council. His chairmanship of the Development Review Commission (DRC) is solid proof of his leadership abilities. I can think of no volunteer position in this community that is more demanding and thankless.

In recent years, the DRC has been at the epicenter of public debates about our community character and quality of life. Through it all, Bill has provided smart, steady and balanced leadership. No matter how complex the issue or long and contentious the public hearings, Bill has maintained a commitment to fairness, transparency, respect and faithfulness to the law. His work on the Commission informs his deep understanding of the workings of government, his positive vision for a strong and sustainable Lake Oswego, and his personal commitment to building community consensus.

Bill will bring to City Council, a tireless work ethic, a respect for diverse points of view, a commitment to priority public services, and a passion for strengthening our quality of life. It is no wonder that Bill has been endorsed by leading community organizations, including the Chamber of Commerce, Lake Oswego Youth SportsAlliance and the Oregon League of Conservation Voters.

I strongly encourage Lake Oswegans to vote for Bill Tierney for City Council.

Dan Vizzini

Lake Oswego

Hoffman will need to recuse himself

To the Editor:

Jack Hoffman is an active partner in a Portland law firm. Therefore, the issue of conflict of interest will undoubtedly arise if he is elected mayor. When asked what he would do, Jack responded that he would recuse himself.

Unfortunately for Lake Oswego, Jack chose not to recuse himself when the city purchased the Safeco building. Safeco is and was a client of Jack's law firm. Jack also failed to recuse himself when the city awarded a contract to Boora, another client of his firm, the architect chosen to plan the Safeco community center.

Because of clear conflict of interest, Jack should never have been involved in these two transactions. They are two egregious and costly breaches of ethics that involved more than $20 million to Lake Oswego taxpayers and have been the source of enormous division within our city.

Would the city have made the same decisions had Jack Hoffman properly recused himself, and can he really repair the citizen's 'lack of trust' he despairs of in Lake Oswego?

If past performance is any indicator, if elected mayor, Jack Hoffman would either plunge into unethical dealings brought before the city or have to recuse himself from important city matters in conflict with his law practice.

We urge the Review to pursue this matter with all haste. Voters deserve to know about Jack Hoffman's clear conflict of interest in the past and the ramifications of future conflicts with city business.

Marilyn and Wally Helm

Lake Oswego

For GOP, fear underlies various voting doubts

To the Editor:

We are conservative Republicans. We have been dismayed and disappointed by the silent Bush presidency (Reagan great communicator; Bush great non-communicator). We have been aghast and astonished at the lackluster McCain campaign.

Our greatest emotion is fear. Clinton lowered the level of trust in the White House by lying under oath. With an Obama presidency we can expect the arrival of Chicago politics to the national level in the worst forms possible. Voter registration fraud followed by voter fraud. Registering Minnie Mouse and the Dallas Cowboys to vote is nothing compared to the deceased voting in Chicago. It will come.

Campaign contribution questions rival anything previously offered by Chicago. Obama couldn't qualify to guard himself. Obama's application to the Secret Service would be rejected due to his past cocaine usage and his asssociation with people of bad character (infamous terrorists Bill Ayers and wife Bernadine Dohrn).

We have greater fears. Who is Obama? Intelligent, adroit, smooth talking, smiling and smirking, he has won the hearts of an apparent majority of voters because of another strong emotion, hope. We pray expectations are met, but we fear disappointment and that our country will be devastated by inexperience and ineptitude, greed and envy.

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are bad enough with the power they have. With unbridled authority, where will they lead us? Where will Obama lead? Can he lead? Can he defend us? Keep hoping. We'll maintain our fears.

Gary and Gale Gipson

Lake Oswego

Hoffman's resume is very convincing for mayor

To the Editor:

As a former Lake Oswego Planning Commissioner and active member of the Lake Oswego community for 18 years I am writing to support Jack Hoffman for mayor of Lake Oswego.

Jack consistently demonstrated his commitment to positive engagement on local and regional issues as a Lake Oswego City Councilor. Jack has been engaged on issues such as parks and open space development along and infill development standards.

In addition, Jack has demonstrated his leadership on a regional basis by being selected to chair the Metro Policy Advisory Committee which coordinates policy work that effects the livability of the entire Portland region.

I have personally witnessed Jack's willingness to listen first and then engage issues with intellectual vigor. It is this style of positive and respectful leadership that is required for the city to productively address infrastructure and livability issues.

Please join with me for voting for Jack Hoffman for mayor of Lake Oswego.

Colin Cooper

Lake Oswego

View from across the pond is quite positive

Very dear friends of ours in Lake Oswego (the Hendersons) sent us a copy of an article What a Fine Place L.O. Is, which you published a little while ago. As someone who also lives in England (not far from the white cliffs of Dover) I felt I just had to add a few comments.

We were very disappointed; disappointed that is with the fact that we spent so little time in Lake Oswego and Portland.

We came over to the States in July/August and basically tried to do too much sightseeing in too little time - to give an idea of the scale of your country, the state of Oregon is twice the size of England, albeit with one twentieth of the population. We would have loved to have spent more time in Lake Oswego - the lake is beautiful and the town is wonderfully clean. You have a great farmers' market with really tempting produce.

Your citizens deserve praise for the high standards they maintain. I really felt it was faultless and was almost tempted to emigrate, or at least start to reclaim the Colonies!

Congratulations to the Mayor and City Council and, above all, to the citizens.

David Germaney

Folkestone, United Kingdom

To the Editor:

Very dear friends of ours in Lake Oswego

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