People dont move to Lake Oswego by accident

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I am running for city council because I have the experience that our city needs - to lead us forward, to look to the future to ensure that Lake Oswego remains the beautiful and livable city that we all enjoy today.

Lake Oswegans don't move here by accident. We have all come here deliberately - for the great schools, the vibrant business districts, for the library and art.

The many amenities that we all enjoy today are here because of the vision and hard work of past civic leaders who were able to see the possibility of what Lake Oswego could be.

I see possibilities. I have the experience to make possibilities a reality. As twice-elected chair of the Palisades Neighborhood Association, I've done it - I've made possibilities a reality with the Lakeridge conditional use permit. Our city had a high school field that the high school couldn't use because of neighbors' concerns. As recently as one year ago, many community leaders told me that Lakeridge would never hold a home varsity football game. It just couldn't be done. But where others saw obstacles, I saw possibilities. By working respectfully with all parties and coming to agreement, Lakeridge High School held it's first-ever varsity football game this month, and the neighbors hosted 'Go Pacers' signs in their front yards. Just as we did in the Palisades Neighborhood, I will work for solutions citywide.

Our city will always be facing important decisions. Whether deciding on a resolution of use of the West End Building, or how to proceed with the Lake Grove Village Plan- every decision that our city council will face should be made by gathering citizen input, listening to all viewpoints and then making a decision that makes Lake Oswego a better city for all of us.

I took a class last year, run by the Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce called Leadership LO. On the first day I met one of our Lake Oswego firefighters. He was a young man, about 35, married, his wife stayed home to take care of their two boys, ages 3 and 5. I asked him if he lived in Lake Oswego and he answered,

'You know, we could have bought a house in Tualatin for a lot less. But we loved Lake Oswego. We loved the schools, we loved the neighborhoods and parks - and we wanted to be a part of this community.'

This is the Lake Oswego that I want to work to maintain, a city where involved, hard-working, young families choose to move.

I have the experience and proven success in increasing citizen involvement, building consensus, moving a community forward, and improving it for all citizens. I have done it in the Palisades Neighborhood and I can do it citywide.

I hold educational credentials with a degree in political science focusing on state and local government.

I have work experience creating company-wide policy and procedures with Duty Free Shoppers International. I've worked on large infrastructure projects as management with GTE Hawiian Telecommunica-tions. We ran fiberoptic cable across the ocean floor to Micronesia and installed central telephone switching offices in American Samoa.

I've been leading volunteer efforts for the past 13 years as an advocate for schools and children.

But the experience that qualifies me for Lake Oswego city council, more than any other I've had, is that of leading my neighborhood association through difficult issues and creating consensus so that we could move forward. I want to bring this experience, and the success that I've had in Palisades, to the entire city.

Please vote for me on Nov. 4, and together, we'll keep Lake Oswego the beautiful city that we enjoy today.

Sally Moncrieff is the chair of the Palisades Neighborhood Association and is a candidate for the Lake Oswego City Council.