It's the community that makes the library great

To the Editor:

'Lake Oswego Public Library Director Bill Baars is one happy man,'(notes an Oct. 9 story in the Lake Oswego Review titled 'Library again earns top HAPLR score in Oregon.' )

Well, I am happy, and thank you for spreading the word regarding our top score - for the fifth year in a row - of all Oregon Libraries. While we are pleased to be recognized in this ranking, which reflects the support we receive from our community, what really makes us happy is the opportunity to provide the materials and services that our community needs and desires.

It is the residents of Lake Oswego that make this library what it is, and the constant input and feedback we receive from our users is what drives us.

We strive to provide materials in a vast range of subject areas, reflecting a wide spectrum of ideas and beliefs, in a variety of formats. I encourage everyone to continue to tell us how we can best serve you, and to provide us information regarding the materials and services that you need and value. The vast majority of Lake Oswego residents have library cards; we are a community of dedicated library users.

We have the highest per capita use of any library in the state of Oregon, and our facility is visited by an average of over 1,000 people every day. We are your library - come in and see us, tell us what you're looking for, let us help you find what you need.

Bill Baars

Library Director

Lake Oswego Public Library

PCC's bond measure is a 'bargain' based on costs

To the Editor:

Portland Community College deserves our support for Bond Measure 26-95.

When times are difficult in our economy, PCC is where people turn for affordable education and re-training. Right now, enrollment is up and there is a waiting list of 5,000 people. We expect demand to skyrocket.

PCC is busy meeting the needs of our region - turning out nurses, medical technicians, emergency service providers, welders, dental hygienists, teachers, mechanics - the kinds of jobs that provide an economic boost to our community. In addition to offering an affordable college education, PCC serves more high school students each year than any other high school in the state, offering programs both for accelerated students and high school dropouts. But our space is limited. If we don't expand our facilities, PCC can't meet the needs of the communities it serves.

What will it cost to ensure that the next generation of students and workers gets the training and education they need? Because PCC is so large - it spans five counties and 13 school districts - the measure will cost the owner of the average home in the district only 32.9 cents per $1,000 of assessed value per year. That's a bargain.

PCC is serving our communities, our families, our neighborhoods. But with thousands on waiting lists, and with students training for jobs on outdated classroom technology, we need to do more. Please join me in voting yes for PCC's Bond Measure 26-95.

Denise Frisbee

Chair, Portland Community College

Board of Directors

Lake Oswego

Hoffman could face a conflict of interest

To the Editor:

I am a retired attorney. Whenever there was any question about a possible conflict of interest in my representing a client, these conflicts had to be presented beforehand. And then the decision had to be made whether I should not be involved (recuse myself) from the entire matter.

Jack Hoffman has been a partner in a Portland law firm, Dunn-Carney, for a number of years. He states that he specializes in land use, zoning and insurance law. I availed myself of further information from the firm's web site and according to the published ' client list' it appears that his law firm represented Safeco at the time that Lake Oswego negotiated for the purchase of the property in 2005/2006. Mr. Hoffman was a member of the city council at that time and voted for the resolution that committed the city to buy the property.

I am concerned that Mr. Hoffman did not recuse himself from this matter, which raises a question of conflict of interest or at lease the appearance of impropriety. Why did he not excuse (recuse) himself? Can he be relied on, as Mayor, to objectively represent our interests without a conflict of interest?

John Beau

Lake Oswego

Vote for Gudman - he's 'one smart cookie'

To the Editor:

Just thought you should know that Jeff Gudman is one smart cookie. Since second grade at least, Jeff has been and always will be just that. Of course, that is given, since smart people naturally learn more as time passes.

One does not get to this learned level unless they listen intently, read voraciously, question intelligently, prepare throughly, act prudently and have an open mind. Pretty good qualities for anyone -let alone a city council member. This is the core of Jeff's being.

If you want an impartial voice in city hall ready to tackle the issues of today with realistic visions for the future, don't let this opportunity pass without casting a vote for Jeff Gudman.

Dan Stafford

Lake Oswego

Special interests

overwhelm election

To the Editor:

Is it me or is our mayoral election beginning to look like another gathering of special interests, determined to perpetuate the tax and spend agenda of our outgoing mayor and council by endorsing Jack Hoffman, the former councilman and active proponent of Mayor Judie's (Hammerstad) spending agenda, according to his voting record?

An example of the 'usual suspects' is the Keep Lake Oswego Great Political Action Committee, which purports to be non-partisan, except that six of its founders are active Hoffman supporters.

Then let's look at the Hoffman campaign contributors: According to the Orestar Elections Reporting Division, Mr. Hoffman has received donations totaling $8,350 from 29 named donors of which 10 are attorneys who donated a total of $2,600 (31percent), and 11 are identified as real estate, construction and investment banking who donated a total of $3,650 (44 percent).

On the other side is John Surrett, Mr. Hoffman's opponent.

Mr. Surrett was drafted into our local politics to give a voice to overtaxed, overlooked citizens who have come together in a grassroots effort to restore and protect the livability and affordability of our community. Surrett is not supported or endorsed by lobbyists or special interests and will not be beholden to them.

It is apparent that special interests are attempting to purchase this election. Follow the money.

Vote for John Surrett for mayor. He will be the full-time, highly qualified representative of our Lake Oswego citizens.

Michael Harper

Lake Oswego

Surrett breathes new life into old politics

To the Editor:

Lake Oswego 'power people' are supporting Jack Hoffman to continue the quest for the development of the West End White Elephant.

If you compare the endorsement lists for the White Elephant with the endorsement for Hoffman, they look suspiciously reproduced.

In other words the fight is not over for the taxpayer bailout of the council's clandestine capers. Hoffman and his councilor supports are still in denial that this city cannot support additional taxes for unannounced, unethical and unpopular use of funds without voter approval.

This same council conspiracy (with the 'power people') will be used to approve many other projects without a vote of you and all the other taxpayers for their wish list and legacy.

The Sewer Interceptor still has no price tag and no approved bid after years of warning from the (state) government that action must be taken.

The new water system has not been bid (how about multiple bid and analysis) and other projects - trolley, library, city hall, fire station, Luscher Farm Plan, school bonding, street improvements and perhaps more beautification projects - all will be needing taxpayer funds.

The old decision making should be replaced.

A new attitude that recognizes not just the wishes of the 'power people' (see the Hoffman ads) but a majority decision that recognizes a priority of spending and taxing on major, expensive projects that effect the families, senior citizens, businesses, single parents and others that cannot afford the cost of living in this great community.

John Surrett will be a breath of fresh air.

John Mills Woodworth

Lake Oswego

Put Bernard, Lehan on county commission

To the Editor:

Voters have the opportunity to create a dynamic and forward-thinking Clackamas County Board of County Commissioners by filling two vacant seats with Mayors Jim Bernard and Charlotte Lehan. When it comes to addressing serious challenges such as traffic congestion, school funding, and public safety, Jim and Charlotte bring decades of experience listening to voters and building coalitions to solve problems.

Jim Bernard led the charge in Milwaukie to revitalize the city's downtown while protecting the community's established neighborhoods. He has also been instrumental in ensuring that Clackamas County gets its fair share of regional transportation funds. As the owner of an auto repair business, Jim is a tireless advocate for the little guy.

No one in the region has done more to bridge the urban/rural divide than Charlotte Lehan. As mayor of Wilsonville she has reached out to farmers and rural neighbors to protect French Prairie from urban development. Charlotte understands that you can't skip or rush public involvement and she will be a strong advocate for transparent and honest government.

I am thrilled that these two public servants are willing to step up and bring their considerable experience to Clackamas County government. I urge readers to support Jim Bernard and Charlotte Lehan for county commissioner.

Brian Newman

Former Metro Councilor

Lake Oswego

Hoffman values Lake Oswego history

To the Editor:

Jack Hoffman is my choice for the next mayor of our city. He offers experience, the ability to listen as well as to speak, sound judgement, and the intelligence to craft creative solutions to the challenges we face. Among his many qualifications for the position, Jack also understands the importance of historic preservation. As Chair of the Lake Oswego Historic Home Tour, I am passionate about preserving our 158-year history and educating newcomers, as well as long-time residents, about our rich and unique past.

Please join me in voting for Jack Hoffman for mayor.

Marylou Colver

Lake Oswego

Gudman brings right mix to the council

To the Editor:

I strongly recommend that you support Jeff Gudman for a seat on the Lake Oswego City Council.

I have known, trusted, worked with and respected Jeff for over 15 years. He consistently offers a keen financial sense and has an astute mind for working with complex budget and business issues. Through his dedication and financial support, Jeff has assisted in the development of new jobs and the growth of many emerging companies. He is a brilliant visionary who continually succeeds in building a consensus regarding key issues in order to create sound solutions.

With the challenges the city and community are facing we need someone like Jeff to bring in-depth experience, and a common sense approach.

He has a proven record of achieving favorable results for the many boards and advisory committees he has served. Jeff has dedicated a great deal of his life to public service and has volunteered with distinction in many charitable and non-profit boards and organizations.

His outstanding record of serving the citizens and city of Lake Oswego are proven. Jeff is an honorable member of our community who has the insight, experience and knowledge necessary for our city council.

Rick Nagle

Lake Oswego

More details needed about Erickson

To the Editor:

Mike Erickson's campaign centers on his qualifications as a businessman. What we have not heard from him and his campaign is the extent of other issues that an elected representative must be concerned about.

As a wife and mother, I wonder sincerely how Mike Erickson understands the implications and needs of family life: raising children, their health, their education, their social environment and psychological well-being. He does not have the experience of working cooperatively in a home with a spouse, discussing family budgets, education funding, retirement planning, etc. As a single person, can Mr. Erickson truly understand the challenges that most of his constituents live through?

It was very interesting to read in The Oregonian a few weeks ago that Mr. Erickson's excuse for not wanting to participate in debates was 'that he was very busy running his business and a political campaign.' If Mike Erickson is so overcome by his business obligations, how can he hope to take time to adequately and responsibly represent his constituency in the 5th District?

This being the period of debates, I called the chamber of commerce to see when we may have another Schrader/Erickson debate. I was informed that several calls placed to Mr. Erickson were not returned.

Other than 'less taxes,' 'right to life' and his 'humanitarian' activities in Cuba, exactly what does Mike Erickson stand for?

Mary Vaillancourt

Lake Oswego

Support 'our future' by passing local option

To the Editor:

I grew up in Lake Oswego and ultimately returned to this district when our oldest child was beginning kindergarten. We knew that our children would be challenged by some of the most amazing teachers in the state. We knew that our children would get the attention they needed with small class sizes. And we know that an education in the Lake Oswego School District will be one of the best ways to prepare them both for college.

As proof of my belief and support of the Lake Oswego School System, I am also currently serving as the PTA Co-President of my children's elementary school. From a PTA perspective, parents are already being asked to support a multitude of programs at the school ranging from Family Science Nights to Art Nights to Geography Nights and much, much more. What might happen if Measure 3-305 doesn't pass this November? Will parents be asked to increase their fundraising efforts even more in an unstable economy?

Why not support something that ultimately will help the next generation - this is our future. Without a strong school system and a solid education, our children may not be as successful. Why not give them the best chance possible? Please help our community, our parents, our educators and our children by supporting Measure 3-305 in our upcoming election. Please join me in voting yes for Measure 3-305.

Rebecca Choi

Lake Oswego

Moncrieff tries to do the right things

To the Editor:

The economy is in turmoil locally, regionally, and nationally.

Oregonians preparing to vote must consider who will be a true consensus builder in our communities to help regain community stability, build on past successes and learn from their predecessor's past mistakes.

With those broad issues in mind, I encourage all residents of Lake Oswego to support Sally Moncrieff for city council. Through her successful efforts with the Palisades Neighborhood Association, Sally has proven to me and my family that she can work cooperatively with a wide range of opinions to improve and enhance our community.

I particularly enjoyed recently the news coverage of the first Lakeridge Home Football game in over 30 years. Sally was one of the key players who facilitated a solution and agreement of the Lakeridge conditional use permit. This game exemplified what a cooperative community-wide effort of creativity, leadership, and yes, even compromise can accomplish. The faces of the students, staff, parents, and residents spoke volumes of the importance of community and school pride.

Sally Moncrieff is committed to creating an environment where citizens and local leaders foster communication and trust. Please join me in supporting Sally Moncrieff for Lake Oswego City Council.

Dana Buckley

Saint Louis, Mo.

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