Personal ethical standards meet test

To the Editor:

Public officials, and even candidates for public office, should be held to the highest ethical standards. Throughout my 20-plus years of Lake Oswego community involvement, I have ascribed to that principle, serving on the Lake Oswego Team Sports Advisory Committee, the Lake Oswego Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, the Lake Oswego Luscher Farm Task Force, the Lakewood Bay Advisory Committee, the Metro Policy Advisory Committee, the Clackamas County Coordinating Council, and as a Lake Oswego City Councilor for eight years.

My commitment to an exemplary ethical standard caused me to institute extraordinary safeguards against perceived or actual conflicts of interest. My system of checking for any conflicts of interest exceeded any requirement of the law and serves as a model for elected officials throughout Oregon.

My record as a city councilor reflects my due diligence to avoid any conflict of interest. There was no conflict of interest in my decisions made almost three years ago regarding the Safeco building. The council's decisions did not benefit me or my law firm. My law firm had no financial interest or business interest in the matter.

Allow me to repeat, with emphasis, there is no basis in fact to support the allegations made last week in the Lake Oswego Review. And the steps I took to guard against any conflicts represent a model for ethical behavior by an elected official.

We deserve a political culture that is more noble and honest and respectful than that demonstrated by some members of our community. The stakes are too great for us to allow divisiveness to distract us from the work that lies ahead. I have to believe that a majority of my fellow citizens agree and will reject attempts to divide our community.

Jack Hoffman

Candidate for Lake Oswego Mayor

Editor's note: In last week's story, it was reported that BOORA Architects is a client of the Dunn Carney law firm, in which Hoffman is a partner. Hoffman voted to award a city contract that gave planning work for Lake Oswego's community center idea to BOORA Architects for $167,000 March 6, 2006. He has confirmed those facts and city documents support them.

Former Lake Oswego mayor

supports Mary Olson

To the Editor:

I am supporting and voting for Mary Olson because I not only believe she is an outstanding person and city council candidate, Mary is a candidate that is right for Lake Oswego, our neighborhoods, and citizens now.

She will hit the ground with knowledge and insight into important financial and economic issues facing the city constituency. Mary has been attending nearly every city council meeting this year, including the early morning work sessions where back grounding on agenda items are discussed and worked through.

Mary is a very quiet, effective and inclusive person. She will be open to our neighborhoods, and she will see that we can express our issues without retribution.

I have personally worked with Mary. She was appointed when I was mayor by our city council in 1991 and served two terms until 1997, including service as chair and vice-chair of Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. These were dynamic times in Lake Oswego, to secure parks, pathways and open space.

Development was beginning to be rampant in the early 90s. With the support of Mary and the advisory board we purchased Luscher Farm and surrounding land, they developed the first master plan for Luscher area and we built our city pathway system. Today, Mary serves on the Lake Oswego Planning Commission.

Mary and her husband Rick Olson have two wonderful boys. Since they started school, Mary has served and is serving the Lake Oswego School District. She has led the TAG reading group for advanced students, chaired for the Scrip program, served on several auction committees and has been treasurer of Parents Clubs for Westridge and Lakeridge.

I urge a yes vote for Mary Olson.

Alice Schlenker

Former Lake Oswego mayor,

Lake Oswego

Erickson's business experience would help serve us in Congress

To the Editor:

Congress is dominated by lawyers who have little or no business experience and spend most of their time debating and trying to regulate this and regulate that.

We don't need rhetoric; we need some people with business experience in Congress. Mike Erickson has that business experience and would use it in approaching problems in Congress. He has developed a successful business from scratch and understands what is needed to create jobs, improve our economy and cut out wasteful spending.

Vote for an experienced businessman; vote for Mike Erickson for Congress.

Henry G. Laun

Lake Oswego

Cast your vote for Jack Hoffman

as mayor for Lake Oswego

To the Editor:

I write as a long-time involved citizen of Lake Oswego. As a Foundation board member and neighborhood association forming member, I understand the gravity of the choices that must be considered in choosing our mayor and city council.

Carefully consider your choice in candidates before you vote. Vote for the candidate that has a record for collectively working with the city council to problem solve and has shown collaborative skills and consensus building through volunteer positions of leadership within our community. And most of all, vote for the candidate that has shown integrity in the manner in which they have conducted themselves in this race. That behavior defines their character, and speaks volumes about them.

Let us not be fooled and go down the path of the voters of Oregon who have embraced money-saving government activists like Bill Sizemore, who have failed the test as to what is good for the people. Let's be sure we are looking ahead to our future and assuring the livability of our award-winning cty. What will Lake Oswego have to give up in livability to cut expenses and taxes?

Now is the time to take a stand and vote no to politicians that attack the integrity of their opponent in order that they win the vote. Stand up and cast your vote for good character and solid experience working for all Lake Oswegans.

Cast your vote for Jack Hoffman for mayor.

Barbara MacIntosh

Lake Oswego

Hoffman has the courage and vision to serve city

To the Editor:

We've been actively involved in Lake Oswego for many years and feel fortunate to live in such a wonderful community. The schools are top notch, our downtown is alive and beautiful, our parks win national awards. This did not happen by accident, but took vision and courage.

One issue that will require vision and courage is the streetcar extension into Lake Oswego. Past leaders had the vision to purchase the right-of-way. The equity in that right-of-way can now be used for much of the matching funds on this new line. Jack Hoffman supports moving forward on it. As we all age here in Lake Oswego and gas prices rise that will be a real asset in shaping our future.

Join us in voting for Jack Hoffman, the one candidate with the vision and courage to lead us forward while still being fiscally prudent in these challenging times we face.

Visit Jack's Web site to get more information: .

Michael G Earp

and Tracey S Elliott

Lake Oswego

Olson, Moncrieff deserve support of local voters

To the Editor:

I am pleased to know and support two excellent choices for Lake Oswego City Council: Mary Olson and Sally Moncrieff.

Each, in their own way, will bring intelligent and refreshing energy to our city government. Please join me in supporting these wonderful women.

Audrey Rossman

Lake Oswego

Key people stayed strong during Palisades tragedy

To the Editor:

We experienced the worst nightmare for any parent when Austin Sergeev died during recess at Palisades Elementary School. It was such a tragedy and one that hit the entire community extremely hard. The pain for his family is absolutely unimaginable.

During this unexpected and terribly tragic time, Carol Whitten, our principal has been extremely professional, compassionate and calm while leading the students, parents and staff through this ordeal. She has been a rock for everyone while she is also grieving herself.

There have been so many parents that have devoted all of their time to support the students and staff of Palisades and also the grieving family.

It was an incredible pulling together of the adults that has left such a lasting impact on me. We live in an amazing community.

Audrey Monroe, who is the PALS (Palisades Adult Leadership) President, has worked night and day during this time organizing, planning and figuring out what we can do to help the family. Audrey is a tireless leader and we all appreciate her efforts more than we can say.

The businesses within Lake Oswego have donated many of their goods to provide support for the school and for the family. This was a very generous and compassionate gesture.

We lost a bright, smiling, beautiful, slightly mischievous boy last week and we will all miss him terribly.

Kathleen Berry

Palisades parent

Lake Oswego

McCain's a 'Maverick' on some veterans' issues

To the Editor:

What happened to the 'Maverick?' Senator McCain's policies are aligned with President Bush 90 percent of the time. He seems to be running his campaign in the same fashion as President Bush did four and eight years ago by hiring many of the same campaign operatives. Perhaps he attributes this label to his stand on the following issues related to our veterans. Here he clearly is a maverick.

n Voting on Senate Amendment 1071, which provides additional funding for medical services provided by the Veterans Health Administration, Senator McCain was recorded as 'not voting.' Four senators were recorded as 'not voting' the other ninety-six senators voted 'yay.'

n Voting on Senate Amendment 3642, which provides additional funding for medical services for outpatient care and treatment for veterans, Senator McCain was recorded as 'nay.' There were 13 'nay' votes, three 'not voting,' and 84 'yay' votes.

n Voting on Senate Bill 22 aka the 'Post 9/11 GI Bill: Fair Education Benefits for Veterans.' It was agreed to by 96-2 with two not voting. One Democrat was listed as 'not voting' and one Republican was listed as 'not voting.' The one Republican: Senator McCain.

How do you 'support' the troops if you vote against their issues or are not present to vote?

By glaring contrast, Senator Obama co-sponsored Senate Bill 22 along with 56 other senators. And Senator Obama voted 'yay' on the other two aforementioned pieces of senate legislation.

Karin G. Brewington

Lake Oswego

Surrett is the change that Lake Oswego needs

To the Editor:

I didn't know that the mayor's job was a part-time job. But Jack Hoffman believes that it is. If he is elected, he is going to maintain his law practice at the same time he is mayor. Hoffman has spent eight years on the council and was a big supporter of the excess spending programs sponsored by Judie Hammerstad as the West End Building, which is costing us about $1,525,500. He also supported the tearing down of the US Bank building, removing this property from our property tax roll.

If you want a free-spending, part-time mayor, then vote for Hoffman. I don't think that we do. As Obama has said, 'It's time for a change.'

John Surrett is the candidate best qualified to meet these challenges. He brings a hands-on, common sense approach to the office and an open door policy that promotes meaningful public participation and public opinion. He will work energetically toward keeping our community affordable and preserving our quality of life.

He brings to the mayor's office a broad scope of business, and governmental experience that are directly applicable to the needs and challenges of our city. His 30 years of professional experience include positions at PacifiCorp Electric Operations (21 years) in Portland … clean air act manager, senior public policy analyst for environmental and consumer issues, public affairs, local government representative and community relations consultant. Vote for John Surrett.

Edwin Srebnik

Lake Oswego

Moncrieff has 'a great mix' of qualities for city

To the Editor:

Sally Moncrieff will be an excellent city councilor for the residents of Lake Oswego.

I have been privileged to work under her leadership on the Palisades Neighborhood Association board and can say first-hand that she is extremely involved, well-informed and passionate about local issues.

At the same time, Sally has been open and flexible in her thinking. While at work on important and sometimes contentious issues, every voice has been respectfully heard, and genuine progress has been made in improving participation and delivering what the people need.

I am sure that with Sally on the city council she will continue to be a great mix of being levelheaded and persistent in getting things done for her constituents.

Michael Hall

Lake Oswego

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