Streetcar is a four-part commitment:

Three Projects - Streetcar, Tryon Creek WTP and Foothills:

$232,600,000 - URS Corp / Metro / LOPTTAAS 2007 May, cost estimate to extend the Portland Streetcar to Lake Oswego, with adjoining bike freeway.

$68,950,000 - CH2M Hill / Lake Oswego, 2005 December, cost estimate to move effluent from Lake Oswego to Oregon City and decommission Tryon Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in Foothills area.

$33,000,000 - OTAK / Lake Oswego / FAPPAC 2005 June, cost estimate to renew the Foothills area.

An endorsement of the streetcar extension from Portland to Lake Oswego is an explicit four-part commitment to the other two projects along with the money and public debt to finance and operate.

Taxes and fees will be assessed and levied to pay both the debt and operating costs.

These project commitments are linked. The linkages cannot be severed or deferred.

No sane and solvent developer or owner in the 2008 housing market commits to 3,000 units of housing with a beautiful view of Mount Hood and Lake Oswego, over looking the Willamette River, adjacent to an operating sewer plant. (Housing figure, 2007 December, Foothills landowners consultant, public comment to Metro Council.)

Find entities that will finance such a development as that proposed in the Foothills area, since the 2008 September mortgage meltdown and 2008 October Wall Street 'China Syndrome.'

Some documents to consider:

n 1984 city of Lake Oswego and city of Portland Wholesale Sewage Treatment and Disposal Agreement.

n 1999 Facilities Plan for Tryon Creek WTP by CH2M Hill for City of Portland BES.

n Full Funding Agreements for Westside MAX and I-205 MAX to Clackamas Town Center.

n 2005 OTAK / City of Lake Oswego Foothills Area Plan reports.

n 2007 Metro, Lake Oswego to Portland Transit and Trail Study Evaluation Summary.

n 2008 May 01 Thursday Clackamas County, Community Partners Wastewater Task Force meeting packet. Lake Oswego Alternatives.

n 2008 October Multnomah CountyDraft Environmental Impact Statement for the Sellwood Bridge replacement. Civil servants in Metro, Clackamas County, and Lake Oswego need to encapsulate and link the above documents for public review on a website or at the library.

Citizens in the greater Lake Oswego area ideally should know of these documents and their implications. Also, if time permits, read the published summaries and maps. Formulate questions and get answers in writing from public officials and community leaders.

Leaders need to read, interpret, deduce and publicly disclose a concise clear summary encapsulation that is traceable to source documents along with calculations. Calculations should state givens, requirements, citations from references, assumptions, and demonstrate sample processes of derivations. This is to display immediate implications and ultimate effects on public debt. From both imbedded clauses in contracts and agreements along with projected costs stated in reports.

All current elected officials and board appointees along with future officials and appointees and respective governing bodies making decisions about infrastructure and schools in the greater Lake Oswego area should publicly declare answers to the following questions:

Do you agree with the principle the citizens should vote upon public debt, especially when that debt will affect the property tax and fee base for schools in the greater Lake Oswego area?

If so, how and when will citizen votes occur on the following projects:

- Portland Streetcar extension to Lake Oswego.

- Tryon Creek WTP decommission.

- Foothills redevelopment concepts.

Further, what information will be summarized, cross referenced and encapsulated, then published at what date prior to a citizen vote to show and demonstrate the immediate implications and ultimate effects of proposed public debt upon the school tax and fee base in the greater Lake Oswego area?

As a potential consumer of these public works I look forward to reviewing the posted declarations, then making choices about 2009 local leaders, 2009 / 75th Oregon Legislative Representatives, and 2009 / 111th members of the Oregon U.S. Congressional delegation in the Nov. 4 election.

Charles 'Skip' Ormsby is a resident of the Birdshill Area of Clackamas County near Lake Oswego.

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