Oregon man helps set world record for Skydivers Over Sixty


Corvallis resident Jay Gile joined an international team of 55 skydivers over the age of 60 to set a new Skydivers Over Sixty world record for largest freefall formation.

The group completed the 55-person record jump Saturday, April 16, at Skydive Elsinore in Southern California.

Skydivers Over Sixty is an organization of thrill-seeking men and women 60 and older who enjoy jumping out of airplanes for fun. Skydiver Pat Moorehead founded the group in 1992, and it now boasts more than 1,500 members. These fun-loving seniors believe in the group's motto, 'You don't quit skydiving because you get old; you get old because you quit skydiving!'

The April record surpassed the previous Skydivers Over Sixty record of a 48-person formation set in January 2009. For the latest success, the group exited three aircraft flying together more than 2 miles above the ground.

After the exit, they had about 60 seconds to complete the pre-planned formation while plummeting toward the ground at speeds in excess of 120 mph before separating from each other and opening their parachutes.

Gile, 64, has been skydiving since 1967 and has made more than 4,800 jumps. He skydives locally at Skydive Oregon in Molalla.

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