Lake Oswego voters sent a pretty clear message on their choice of mayor Tuesday: Jack Hoffman was ahead by about 24 percentage points at the Review's press time on Wednesday.

Hoffman, who served as a city councilor until term limits forced him out several years ago, represents ties to the current council along with links to some of Lake Oswego's well-known public land purchases in the Stafford Basin, support of the public arts program and helping develop the city's infill policies.

He also was a key figure in the city's decision to purchase the Safeco Building.

He and his opponent, John Surrett, clashed on several issues, but none was bigger than the Safeco purchase. That likely will be one of the key issues facing the new city council when it takes over next January.

Joining Hoffman on that new council will be Sally Moncrieff and Mary Olson. The outcome for the third and final position remained too close to call Wednesday between Bill Tierney and Jeff Gudman.

Whether Tierney or Gudman captures that final post, we want to wish the best to all our candidates, thank everyone for their participation and hope that calm minds and strong convictions lead us in the new year.

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