Outlook Publisher Mark Garber has been promoted to the position of president of the Portland Tribune and Community Newspapers following the announcement that the newspaper group's current president, Steve Clark, has been named vice president for University Relations and Marketing at Oregon State University.

Brian Monihan, vice president of marketing for the newspaper company, also will take on an expanded role in managing the 17-newspaper firm.

Garber said he was honored to follow in the footsteps of Clark, who has been one of Oregon's most visible publishers and business and community leaders.

Clark has been an editor or publisher of numerous weekly and daily newspapers in Oregon for more than 35 years. He serves on the board of directors of TriMet, the Portland Regional Community Investment Leadership Council, the Oregon Business Council, the Portland Business Alliance, Associated Oregon Industries and others.

As vice president at OSU, Clark will assume leadership over the University Relations and Marketing division, which includes University Marketing, News and Research Communications, Web Communications and University Events.

In addition to his role as publisher of The Outlook and Sandy Post, Garber has served as a manager of several of the newspapers that are part of the Portland Tribune and Community Newspapers group. He returned to Community Newspapers in 2001, having served as publisher of the daily Pendleton East Oregonian and the Springfield News. He is active in many East Multnomah County and Portland-area community leadership roles.

Garber said that for the immediate future he will remain as publisher of The Outlook. He and his wife, Janet Pardo, and daughter, Marie Pardo-Garber, also will continue to live in southeast Gresham.

'East Multnomah County has been our home for many years, and we wouldn't want to live anywhere else,' Garber said, adding that he is excited about the opportunities his new position will bring.

'Our newspapers, with their deep history in local news and advertising, are ideally situated to continue their success in a media future where local journalism, as opposed to national or international news, is the most valued of all news commodities,' he said.

The Portland Tribune and Community Newspapers make up the largest newspaper group in Oregon and are part of the Pamplin Media Group.

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