by: MILES VANCE, Gabbie Lindeman, left, shown here going for a header in Lake Oswego’s final game this season against Jesuit anchored a strong Lakers’ defense this season and has received interest from scores of colleges from all over the country. Lindeman is part of an exceptionally talented junior class of soccer players that hopes to be one of the best teams in the state next fall.

Gabrielle Lindeman of Lake Oswego High School has become very, very popular with any university with a good soccer team.

The floodgates opened on Sept. 1, the first official day that college could contact prospects.

'My email and my mailbox just exploded,' said Lindeman, who goes by 'Gabby.'

The list of schools who want Gabby to join them after she graduates from LOHS in 2010 is just amazing, covering every section of the nation: Purdue, Cincinnati, Dartmouth, Penn, Arizona, Ohio State, West Virginia, Florida, DePaul, the U.S. Naval Academy, and on and on, 25 schools in all.

Topping the list are two of the biggest powers in women's soccer, Stanford and the University of Portland.

'It's a little stressful, but exciting looking at all of these options,' Lindeman said.

'It's quite flattering for a young girl to process,' said Sandy Lindeman, Gabby's mother. 'But she's handling it well.'

Flattering, maybe even a little overwhelming, but not unexpected. Lindeman has been marked for future soccer stardom ever since she was a sixth grader.

Now at age 16 she is a rangy 5-9 and 140 pounds, experienced at the highest level of play for her age, and possessed of the skills that make college soccer scouts stand up, pay attention, and offer scholarships.

'I'm not surprised at all about these schools looking at Gabby,' said Dominic Yambasu, her coach at Lake Oswego High School. 'She is going to be a fantastic contributor to any team she is on.

'Gabby is big and strong, and colleges like that. She has good technique, her tactics are very good, and she'll continue to work hard. She has the ability to play beyond college.'

Lindeman's coaches form an amen corner when it comes to esteem for her talents.

'Gabby has matured tremendously on the field over the past year,' said Lauren Hanson, her club coach and an assistant coach with the University of Portland vaunted program.

'She is difficult to compare to other players because she is unique in her own abilities, but I would say that she has the competitive drive, work ethic and composure that makes her similar to the top players in the soccer world.'

'Gabby is a joy to coach!' said Tom Atencio, her ODP state coach. 'She is going to be a very good Division 1 player and will see playing time as a freshman at significant colleges and universities around the country.'

Lindeman has more good qualities, too. She is an excellent student with a 3.667 GPA and membership in the National Honor Society.

Even better, she has a very level head. All the attention from colleges only makes her more patient.

'I do have a top list in my mind,' Lindeman said, 'but I want to keep all of my options open. I'm not rushing my decision.'

Of all Gabrielle Lindeman's outstanding qualities, there is one thing Lake Oswego High likes best about her. She will be back for next season.

The Lakers' '08 season was ended by Jesuit this year, but a super talented junior class could make LO a powerhouse once again in 2009.

The group includes Cali Reiss, Melinda Madden, Tori Gray, Sara Edmondson, Julianne Parker, Megan Swindells, Amy Schlesinger, Megan Hoss, and Jacqui Wallis.

'I would love to see a state championship when we're seniors next year,' Lindeman said. 'I want to see us compete hard, trust each other, and expect a lot from each other. Most of all, I want us to have fun together.'

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