Thanks for supporting campaign

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I want to thank my many active supporters, contributors and all the voters who believe in open, transparent and affordable government. Mine was the quintessential 'grass roots' campaign, which was endorsed from a broad section of thoughtful and caring residents and dedicated volunteers. I want all of you to know how much your time, work and vote has meant to me.

My campaign was of high quality and integrity. I am extremely proud and thankful for that. It was not financially endowed from special interest contributors including any PACs representing partisan political factions. 'Non-partisan' campaigns and elections should not fall into such compromising traps in order to seek and 'win the prize.' But, some do and did in these Lake Oswego mayoral and city council races. This is unfortunate for Lake Oswegans.

Representative government only works well if the representatives can be relied upon to consistently exercise good judgment.

The mayor, city council and all the city staff report to all residents and taxpayers who are the ultimate 'top tier' in the city's organizational structure. This reporting relationship is clearly shown in city budget documents.

So, be not intimidated and get involved! Hold your elected and appointed officials accountable! Stand your ground and express your opinions for what you believe in! That is your right and guaranteed role in our democratic decision-making process in Lake Oswego. As you were promised repeatedly by all of the elected candidates you should expect to be invited, engaged and heard by them whatever the venue.

The Lake Oswego Review has been diligent to publish many articles, opinions and views over the past several weeks and has made us all aware of the issues and challenges facing Lake Oswegans. I want to acknowledge their focus in bringing this information to our community. It is my hope that they will be ever better at objectively staying on top of important ongoing topics, seeking out the news and reporting on new emerging issues.

Our decision-making process must progress in a timely and deliberate forward-moving direction. In particular, high dollar essential service projects must be brought to a reliable completion by staying on budget and on schedule. Current and future debt loads and financial resources must be balanced with a prioritization of spending and borrowings.

I will continue, with help from supporters, to focus upon preserving the livability and affordability of Lake Oswego in order to retain current residents and to attract new families. I shall continue to be actively involved in attending the city meetings, work sessions, and other community events.

Be assured, that I shall embrace any and all communications with all Lake Oswegans as we work together for a bright, continuing future for our great city. I am very proud to be one of its residents. Thank you for your help.

John Surrett, Lake Oswego, was a candidate for Lake Oswego Mayor in the Nov. 4 election.