Talk about guns leads to CHS students arrest

by: MCDC photo They didn’t find the allegedly threatened gun, but they did discover that 18-year-old Shayne Austin Mejia was carrying ammunition for one, when he was arrested at Cleveland High for disorderly conduct.

One Cleveland High School student didn't make it to his class on Tuesday, May 17. In fact, he didn't even get inside the school's doors.

Instead, 18-year-old Shayne Austin Mejia - also known as Shayne Charette - was greeted by Portland Police Bureau Youth Services Division officers, who had been awaiting his arrival.

'Officers learned that Mejia made statements to other students about bringing a gun to school, to threaten someone,' explained Portland Police Public Information Officer Sgt. Pete Simpson. 'Mejia had ammunition in his possession, but no firearm. Officers checked the school grounds and did not locate a firearm.'

At lunchtime, students who talked with media clearly had mixed feelings about the student police officers had taken away. 'He was OK,' one student said; but other comments THE BEE heard included, 'He was a trouble maker', 'This guy was bad news', and 'It seems like he is always involved with something - not good'.

Cleveland High School Principal Paul Cook didn't return calls when contacted after the event. He did, however, later issue this 'Explanation of Events':

'Some of you may have seen information on the local news this week regarding an incident that occurred at CHS. We want to clarify what took place.

'This past week, we received information from a few students that one of our students was planning to bring a gun to school. School police were called immediately. As the student arrived at school, he was detained and questioned by the police. The student did not have a gun in his possession.

'We truly appreciate our students for taking what they heard as a serious situation, and for immediately relaying the information to the school administration. Thank you to those students for taking an active role in safety awareness.'

Mejia was booked into the Multnomah County Jail on one count of Disorderly Conduct in the First Degree, reported Sgt. Simpson. He was released from jail shortly thereafter. His current student status at CHS remains unknown.

(Rita A. Leonard contributed to this story.)