Woodstock rummage sale sends kids to OMSI Camp

by: David F. Ashton Volunteer Maria Raleigh takes a break along with Lewis OMSI Camp Rummage Sale organizer Angie Toops, joined by Cassandra and Martin Nicholson.

If this group of Meriwether Lewis Elementary School parents has their way, all of the school's fifth-graders will be going to OMSI Camp this year.

'This year, the camp has become a lot more expensive,' said Angie Toops, the coordinator of the Lewis Rummage Sale, which was held at the Woodstock Community Center on Saturday, April 2nd.

'When we learned that some of our parents might not be able to afford to send their kids to the science camp, we started working on ideas to raise money to bring down the cost as much as we can,' Toops explained to THE BEE.

'School groups used to hold rummage sales - so we decided to try it again this year, with our 'Ginormous Rummage Sale'.'

Close to a dozen volunteers helped gather the merchandise and put it out for sale, Toops added. The sale netted in the vicinity of $2,000.

'We'd like to cover the entire expense, but it's about $18,000,' continued Toops. 'If neighbors want to help out the kids by donating funds, they can call the school and talk to the secretary, Tracy Buckley.' The telephone number is 503/916-6360.