by: David F. Ashton Clean-up event chair Malcolm Hancock, volunteer Mary Miller, and the new Brentwood Darlington Neighborhood Association Chair, Chris Heart, show off one of the dumpsters on its way to being completely filled with refuse.

Trash container after massive trash container, the Brentwood-Darlington neighborhood got a bit tidier on Saturday, May 7th, as their annual 'clean-up' day got underway.

'It's been going really well,' remarked the event's perennial Chair of at least five years, Malcolm Hancock. 'We've filled six dumpsters so far, by late morning, and we're on target to fill a couple more before we're done.'

With the help of a half dozen neighborhood volunteers, and with Multnomah County Community Services providing another ten pairs of hands, the trash, metal and other refuse flew out of trucks, trunks, and trailers, and into the dumpsters.

'It helps clean up the neighborhood,' Hancock remarked. 'And it is also a fundraiser for the neighborhood association. In all, it's a very good day.'

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