by: FILE PHOTO  BARB RANDALL, Thanksgiving time is usually, but not always, tough for turkeys.

Thanksgiving 2008 will be one that the Klum family of Lake Oswego will always remember.

Not because of warm, fuzzy memories of family and food but because of a 25-pound frozen turkey that dropped right on Julie Klum's big toe.

Jim Klum, her husband, well remembers his words before the accident happened.

'I said, 'Honey, don't let the turkey fall on your toe,'' Jim said.

Whereupon the turkey burst through the plastic bag and landed on Julie's right toe, breaking it in two places.

This incident, which will surely be told about by the Klum family for years to come, happened last Friday when Julie collared Jim at 6 a.m. and asked him to do some grocery shopping for Thanksgiving before he went to work. There was a big special on turkeys (23 cents a pound) and she wanted him to beat the crowd for the biggest and best bird.

'Of course, I said 'yes,'' Jim said.

He did well, picking up a 25 ½-pound beauty, and when he got home Julie insisted on helping him bring in the groceries.

'She wouldn't take no for an answer,' Jim said. 'Then I heard a clunk, and Julie was crying and grabbing her foot. I said, 'You didn't drop it on your toe?' It was the wrong thing to say.'

The next thing the couple knew they were speeding to the emergency room at the hospital for Julie to get her toe treated.

There, their Thanksgiving saga got even more interesting. When Julie told her story to the emergency room nurses they could barely suppress their laughter. The emergency room doctor didn't even attempt to stifle his laughter and observed, 'Boy, that turkey sure got revenge on you.'

More hilarity ensued on Monday when Julie told the story to her postman of 20 years, and Jim said, 'He literally rolled on the ground laughing.'

Everyone seemed to get a big kick out of the story about the lady who dropped the big frozen turkey on her toe. Except Julie and Jim.

The good news is that Julie's toe is expected to heal just fine. But there are repercussions for Jim.

'Now I'm going to have to cook the turkey on Thanksgiving.'

The bright side is: 'Hopefully, that will get me out of the doghouse.'

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