Individuals and businesses can recycle their cooking oil into biodiesel at convenient locations, including Lake Oswego.

Far West Fibers and Portland Recycling Centers are now accepting used cooking oil for processing into local, sustainable biodiesel. Encore Oils, a wholly owned subsidiary of Oregon's only commercial Biodiesel plant, SeQuential-Pacific Biodiesel will collect the oil on a regular schedule and transport it to Salem.

Locally, cooking oil can be recycled at Lake Oswego's Recycling Center, located at 341 Foothills Road.

The waste grease will be transported to the 5-million gallon per year SeQuential-Pacific Biodiesel plant in Salem. The oil is processed into biodiesel in about three weeks and distributed to retail and commercial customers throughout the state. Used cooking oil is one of the most sustainable and energy positive feedstock's for biodiesel production. The technology at the Salem plant allows for any vegetable oil to be processed into biodiesel including soy oil, canola oil and olive oil.

'Anyone with left over cooking oil whether it's from frying a turkey or simply making French fries can recycle it and know it's being turned into cleaner burning fuel,' said Encore Oils Operation Manager Tim Ensey.

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