Down with Estacada's beautification project

Estacada Downtown Beautification Program!?! Or how to show off beautiful raised weed beds bought and paid for by your 'tax dollars at work.'

Who authorizes these programs or projects? Does anyone think about what will happen if you don't plan for tomorrow? Whose responsibility is it to maintain a flower garden or landscaped area once it has been built? Do the owners of these areas of 'beautification' or 'improvements' have any say on how they are to be cared for?

Owners? Oh, that's 'we the people,' isn't it? The taxpayers who paid for this. Were 'we the people' ever asked on how we would maintain such an area? Or were 'we the people' ever even asked on whether or not this was a responsible way in which to squander our hard-earned tax dollars?

There seems always enough monies to create these projects but never enough to support them.

It's time our tax dollars go to paying their out of work 'we the people,' to maintain these newly created beautification projects so we can be proud of our community instead of being slumlords of our area.

Just remember, when you point your finger at whose job it is there are three fingers pointing back at yourself. Whose job is it? I don't know, that is my question. But it should have been answered before the project (and the weeds) began.

Allan Zarek


Sellwood Bridge fee rejection? Who cares?

Your article on the Sellwood Bridge, 'Bridge fee rejection leaves question: Now What?' leads me to ask another question. My first question is, 'who cares?'

This attitude stems from my visit to the Clackamas County Commission meeting that I attended along with my husband and many, many other Clackamas County residents where we stated our views that this bridge was not our responsibility. The only people that were in favor of the rebuild of the bridge with our dollars were those who would get jobs building or planning the bridge.

This attitude, I realize, is not of the utmost responsibility. The bridge needs to be rebuilt. I think it is beyond repair.

I also think that Multnomah County has squandered their funds for about the last 50 years. They have spent money like water for many things and used roadway funds for other projects. It would be interesting to know how many more people work for the county and how much their pay and retirement have risen in that time. Not only has that, the 'new' projects such as light-rail, instead of improving bus service, taken funds form proper projects.

This unfortunate way of using tax and fee money is not just a problem with Multnomah County, but with Clackamas County as well. The politics behind this is state and countrywide. There are many examples of misuse of funds over a long period of time, re: the Portland Public Schools' lack of willingness to take care of their buildings resulting in an unbelievably bad bond measure. Why would anyone in Clackamas County want to send money to Multnomah County when we could have been saving and building our own bridge across the Willamette River? Imagine that!

Janet Figini


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