Will we see it warm again this summer?
by: Self-portrait Sports Editor John Brewington

Wasn't it great to have some good weather over the weekend? After this past spring it certainly was welcome. It seemed like everyone was out working in the yard, playing golf, or at a ball game somewhere. The sky was so clear I could see Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Jefferson, and even the top tip of Mt. Rainier.

I enjoyed the view and the weather. I even got a little sunburned taking pictures at a few events.

The Little League Tournament of Champions began on Saturday. The teams are playing in four pools with the top four teams vying for the championship on June 12.

One of the nice things about covering sports is that occasionally you get to see a really marvelous performance. I saw one Saturday, when young Levi Norton struck out 15 batters, nine in a row at one point, to boost his Dutch Bros. team to a win in their first game of the TOC. It was pretty impressive. The rest of the team found a way to score some runs to earn the shutout 7-0.

There's a lot of ball playing going on over the next four weeks. Little League District Tournaments are coming up quickly, a number of local kids are playing on tournament softball teams, recreation teams are winding down their competitions, and the Junior State baseball teams are beginning to play.

While the ball teams were worrying for the first time this year about hydration, the stock car racers finally got a chance to do a little racing. They've tried twice before, but the weather hadn't cooperated either time.

The drivers were antsy to get going. It was a typical hot, dusty, oily, grimy day at River City Speedway. The track was a little rough and some racers made some unwanted contact with the wall, but it was good to see them finally out competing. It was one of their largest turnouts in years, and a good crowd of racing fans was on hand to watch.

The usual suspects were at the top of some divisions, but one 15-year-old made an auspicious debut, winning the Street Stock Division main event and taking second in the Dwarf Car main event. He also had a heat win and heat third. Not bad for a youngster that doesn't even have a driver's license yet. His dad Jeremy Martin has been a frequent winner at the track; so racing comes naturally to the young man. He's had some experience in other divisions like quarter midgets, quads and student divisions. But both races Saturday were against the big boys and he did quite fine.

Sunday wasn't as sunny as Saturday, but still fairly warm. The wife put me to work around the house, and I power-washed a lot of winter's grime off the driveway and sidewalks.

One day does not a summer or late spring make, but it was a good day for a change. As I look out the window I see the clouds rolling by this evening. Well, we'll always have last Saturday to remember.

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