Cornelius City Council: read the documents

E-mails show the tone of those serving on Cornelius City Council

With the advent of e-mail, much of the work of government occurs far from public view in a web browser or on a desktop computer.

As the majority bloc of the Cornelius City Council, Mayor Neal Knight and councilors Mari Gottwald and Jamie Minshall, moved to chop the city's budget after it passed the budget committee, the News-Times filed a request under Oregon Public Record Law to obtain the e-mails city councilors sent to each other in May. We also asked for e-mails sent between Dave Waffle and Knight.

Then Knight decided to oust Waffle. On Monday, Knight, Gottwald and Minshall voted to kick Waffle out. Gottwald and Minshall wouldn't give their reasons for doing so, citing legal advice.

But the e-mails give a hint of the thoughts of the city council, behind the scenes.

In an e-mail sent May 23, for example, Gottwald writes:

"I have a very LARGE legitimate concern regarding an item in the budget. This is a concern that I cannot state to Mr. Waffle. However, Mr. Waffle knows of the situation and has not addressed it. AND, until the situation is addressed, I cannot in all conscious vote for the proposed budget."

All the e-mails are currently hosted online. To read them, sorted by sender and date, click here.

The News-Times also obtained a memo listing city employee compensation to see that, open or download the pdf here.