Reynolds Metals announces layoffs in '91

1911 - The history of Gresham High commencements was traced in The Outlook 100 years ago.

The paper noted that the first class graduated in 1906 with two grads, Grace Lawrence and Pearl Lindsey. Two more, Edith Gordon and Mary Wilson, graduated in 1907. The first male graduates were in 1908 with John Shattuck, Rolly Watson, Harley Turney and George Schantin joining Pearl Metzger.

Classes in subsequent years numbered more than half a dozen graduates and by 1911, the high school counted 37 under mortarboards.

1921 - Dr. Fred Thompson of The Dalles made an interesting trip through the Columbia River Gorge in a hydroplane piloted by Lt. Vern Ayers 90 years ago. The trip, with several stops, took two and one-half hours from The Dalles to Portland and included driving the hydroplane through the spray of Multnomah Falls and clearing Vista House by 15 feet.

1931 - The Wistaria Farm Inn, an octagonal-shaped dining room on the highway to Mount Hood, was visited by Outlook writers 80 years ago. (They spelled the name Wistaria. It might have been Wisteria.) The sign on the highway offered, 'Chicken Fried in Butter,' and proprietor Earl Frost explained that if fat was used, the chicken became too brown before it was done at the bone, and butter produced a much better product. No one on The Outlook staff argued the point.

1941 - Gresham desperately needed field workers 70 years ago and a migratory labor camp was set up on the outskirts of the community to accommodate families who traveled the country picking crops. The Outlook published the results of their first meeting of the season where they dealt with traffic problems in their camp, invited churches to enroll their children in vacation Bible schools, heard a talk from a nurse on cleanliness and adopted a work 'platform,' declaring themselves part of the National Defense program.

1951 - Don Mohn, Troutdale berry grower, invented a tractor-drawn gang cart 60 years ago to carry his berry pickers over 11 rows of berries, allowing them to sit, instead of bend from the knees. It didn't seem to catch on because strawberry pickers still do it the old-fashioned way.

1961 - Jack Grauer, owner of Gresham Linoleum, was, along with another Gresham resident Bob Williams, part of a mountain rescue group 50 years ago. Grauer would later write a book on the history of Mount Hood.

1971 - Reynolds High math teacher Paul Toland also raised racing greyhounds 50 years ago. He named two of his dogs after Reynolds Lancer basketball players, Scott Carpenter and Monte White.

1981 - The Gresham City Council got in all sorts of hot water, and hot air, when it announced a decision to ban occult groups - phrenology, astrology, mesmerism, clairvoyance and other arts - from the city.

1991 - Sad news in Troutdale 20 years ago when layoffs were announced at Reynolds Metals for about 450 workers. 'It's going to hurt us. It always hurts us,' said Pam Christian, city administrator. The Reynolds Metals plant was in decline. It is gone now, and the new Fed Ex Ground center is in its place.

2001 - Multnomah Falls Lodge marked its 75th anniversary 10 years ago. It was built in the summer of 1925 at a cost of $40,000 and designed by Albert E. Doyle.

2010 - At this time last year, Oregon drivers learned that they couldn't talk on cell phones while driving any more. And drivers got another big surprise when the Fairview Avenue underpass beneath the railroad in Fairview finally opened.

Researched and compiled from The Outlook files.

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