Arthur Academy in the Reynolds School District has announced the final winners of its annual 'Young Authors Contest.'

The winners and runners up were: Zaeda Sainz, Joyce Cobarrubias, Michaela Gokey, Kayla Stefanchin, Anya Hamilton, Elan Jackson, Kali Curtis, Naomi Wells, Josiah Cobarrubias and Cayden Felzien.

Each year, children in grades kindergarten through sixth in the Troutdale school compete in a writing competition that encourages students to produce quality, original fiction.

Pieces must be 50 to 1,500 words long, have a clear plot and outline structure. Parents were asked to have minimal involvement in their children's writing and to let each student produce original material.

Elan Jackson, a third-grader at Arthur Academy, said it took her at least three weeks to write her piece - 'A really long time.'

Jackson won first place in her division and wrote her story about a dream she had of a 'big, hungry sea monster' that a girl named Lera befriends and tames.

'I love to write,' Jackson said. 'I want to be a writer when I grow up.'

Another third-grader, Kali Curtis, wrote about a girls' softball championship. When asked if she will compete in the authors' contest next year, Curtis nodded her head with a definite 'yes.' When asked why, she said matter-of-factly, 'Because I really want to win!'

Pieces were judged on sequence, detail, descriptive language and grammar. Each participant in the Young Authors Contest was awarded a participation certificate, and the first-place winners and runners-up were given special 'Young Authors' breakfasts in their honor.

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