The city of Lake Oswego awards every year The Unsung Hero Award for extraordinary services for the community. As this year's awards are assigned I would like to make the public aware of one of the nominations which didn't receive the recognition.

It was an honor to nominate Tim Warren and Dr. Robert Barton, the members of the Mountain Park HOA Board, for their work with the community of Mountain Park on the planned renovation for the Mountain Park Recreation Center. Their vision and innovative leadership were the base for a successful membership vote on that matter which passed overwhelmingly this October.

I was one of the over 70 volunteers involved in that process and learned to appreciate the extraordinary effort, led by the HOA Board, specifically Warren and Barton. Seeing their commitment inspired me to nominate them for the 2008 Lake Oswego Unsung Hero Award.

The nomination was also signed by 32 other Mountain Park residents.

Below is the statement of qualifications as it was submitted to the city of Lake Oswego:

For many years the Mountain Park Home Owner's Association Recreation Center has been in tremendous disrepair and in great need of a major renovation. The recreation center is the hub for a very large community of 3,500 residences in Lake Oswego, a population of 8,500 people. However, attempts to pass an initiative to pay for the renovations had not garnered the required support by the Mountain Park community.

In 2006 Tim Warren and Dr. Robert Barton joined the Mountain Park Home Owner's Association Board and initiated a methodical approach to learn from the community and build a cohesive plan for not only renovating the facilities, but more importantly to communicate with the community. These past two years of communication were essential to hear the needs of the Mountain Park owners and to educate our membership of the value that would be derived from a significant increase in our HOA dues and how the community's liveability and value would improve with the renovations.

The board pulled together an impressive effort over two years, culminating in a vote this October, which passed overwhelmingly - 53 percent voter turnout from our community, with the initiative passing with 80 percent support. This would not have been successful without the impressive and tireless commitment by each member of the board, led by Tim Warren.

We nominate Tim Warren, Dr. Robert Barton and the Mountain Park Board for their vision, commitment and tremendous personal investments for the benefit of all that live in Mountain Park, Lake Oswego. Through their unheralded efforts, all throughout Lake Oswego will benefit from a much improved community Recreation Center in Mountain Park.

Anna Washburn is a Mountain Park resident of Lake Oswego.

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