Azita Savari calls herself the X-factor — her thinking is that she’s the missing ingredient in a person’s fitness regimen. She operates a studio at 405 Second St. called X-Level Fitness.

Personal trainers at national gyms may give you a one-hour specialized workout. But Azita Zavari goes further than that, calling herself the X-factor - she's that missing ingredient in a person's fitness regimen.

Zavari, who has a studio in downtown Lake Oswego called X-Level Fitness, does private core and strengthening and weight loss programs.

'I'm different than other trainers. I don't go to people's house. I don't have a gym,' she said. 'This is a studio. It's open by appointment.'

Zavari, who officially opened X-Level Fitness this summer, also charges by the program not by the hour. She gives a free consultation and assessment and then charges each individual according to their goals and package.

She sets up a personal workout regimen, meal plan and provides supplements.

'It's an intimate type of relationship with people,' she said. 'I text clients, meet up with them. It's more one on one. It's not just an hour workout. It's more personable.'

Zavari also trains with the philosophy that one doesn't need heavy machines to build muscles, preferring instead to teach people how to use their body weight to do that. A lot of her exercises can be done outdoors and include stairs, jumping jacks and the bear crawl.

'I'm looking for people who are willing to become healthier, want to change their eating habits, lose pounds, get stronger and stay active,' she said. 'I'm not after quantity. I'm looking for people who want to see results. People who want to be committed.'

Zavari, who is a registered dental hygienist, became more interested in fitness training a few years ago.

'Two years ago, I got a trainer, and I lost 50 pounds,' she said.

Zavari became so interested in it, she even competed in two figure shows.

'First it started as a hobby because I like working out,' she said. 'It has af-fected me mentally, emotionally and physically to be a stronger person.'

Then, she started training and helping people on her own. And her trainer, Philip Hensa, suggested that she try opening up her own business.

Zavari got her training and certificate from the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, found a space in Lake Oswego at 405 Second St., and cut back her hours as a dental hygienist to part-time.

For more information about X Level Fitness, e-mail [email protected] or call 503-819-0510.

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