Information from the public safety column comes from the records of the Lake Oswego Police Department. Police recently filed reports on the following incidents:

12/8/08 9:23 a.m. David Michael Maher, Jr., 27, was arrested on suspicion of failing to appear on a theft charge. He was taken to a jail in Multnomah County.

12/10/08 1:55 p.m. A teen caught stealing from the girl's locker room at Lakeridge High School was taken to the Clackamas County juvenile detention center.

12/12/08 12:26 a.m. James Wainwright Brown, 42, was arrested on suspicion of failing to appear on a charge of DUII.

12/8/08 7:36 a.m. A purse was stolen from a car parked in the garage of a home. The address was not disclosed.

12/10/08 9:25 p.m. Rebecca Goodford, 56, was arrested on suspicion of DUII on Kruse Way and taken to the Clackamas County Jail.

12/12/08 11:28 p.m. Cesar Antonio, 35, was arrested on suspicion of DUII on Highway 43 and taken to the Clackamas County Jail.

12/13/08 1:31 a.m. Anne Marie Telvin, 51, was arrested on suspicion of DUII after a car crash on Kruse Way. She was taken to the Clackamas County Jail.

12/10/08 11:36 a.m. Injuries were unknown when a large truck collided with a TriMet bus on Highway 43.

12/10/08 4:05 p.m. No one was hurt in a three-car crash on Boones Ferry Road.

12/10/08 4:06 p.m. There were no injuries in a car crash on Bryant Road.

12/11/08 4:29 p.m. A car drove into a trench on Skyland Drive. No one was hurt.

12/11/08 6:35 p.m. No one was hurt when two cars collided on McVey Avenue at State Street.

12/12/08 11:49 a.m. No one was injured when two cars collided at a stop sign at Jefferson and Kerr parkways.

12/12/08 4:14 p.m. There were no injuries in a car crash on Boones Ferry Road.

12/13/08 9:20 a.m. Injuries were reported after a two-car collision on Kruse Way at Mercantile Drive.

12/14/08 9:15 a.m. A non-injury car crash was reported on Boones Ferry Road.

12/14/08 4:41 p.m. No one was injured in a crash on A Avenue.

12/14/08 9:59 p.m. There were no injuries when a car hit a light pole on Hillshire Drive.

12/8/08 8:43 a.m. Aluminum wheels were taken from a storage bin on Boones Ferry Road.

12/9/08 7:59 p.m. Christmas lights and decorations were stolen from Regency Court.

12/10/08 10:50 a.m. Miscellaneous jewelry, valued at $48,000, was reported stolen.

12/10/08 7:41 p.m. A wallet and other items were reported stolen from a store on Bryant Road.

12/12/08 7:29 p.m. A theft was reported on Kingsgate Road. No other information was provided.

12/13/08 11:18 a.m. A cell phone earpiece and charger were stolen from a car on South Shore Boulevard.

12/13/08 3:37 p.m. A parka was stolen from a car on Cedar Road after the window of the car was smashed.

12/8/08 2:31 p.m. Extra patrols were requested after kids pulled the lights out of a yard on Southwood Drive. The youths were also accused of speeding in a vehicle through the neighborhood.

12/8/08 2:52 p.m. A restraining order violation was reported.

12/8/08 4:02 p.m. A dead squirrel was disposed of on Chinook Court.

12/9/08 8:09 a.m. Someone was standing in front of Waluga Junior High School holding a sign and yelling at buses.

12/9/08 12:04 p.m. A silver Mercedes was parked in a no-parking zone on Shireva Drive.

12/9/08 3:00 p.m. A man with an off-leash dog was yelling obscenities at children in a public park. This was after his dog chased them.

12/9/08 10:10 p.m. A large white vehicle was parked in the middle of Kenwood Drive.

12/10/08 9:29 a.m. A political sign was still up from the election on Sierra Vista Drive.

12/10/08 9:34 a.m. A wallet was left on the roof of a cab while it drove from a church in the Quarry Road area.

12/10/08 10:50 a.m. A bull mastiff dog was running in traffic on State Street.

12/10/08 11:12 a.m. A man who quit his job claimed he was being blocked from leaving the office on Centerpointe Drive. This was because he was trying to leave with company documents.

12/10/08 1:46 p.m. Police found a small terrier type dog running on Troon Road.

12/10/08 2:57 p.m. A parent was concerned about a child possibly being stalked after driving over a board with nails in it in the family's driveway.

12/10/08 4:20 p.m. A woman sought advice from police after suspecting she had been poisoned by ninjas from McDonald's.

12/10/08 7:03 p.m. A boy who was reported missing was found sleeping behind an entertainment center.

12/11/08 4:31 a.m. A mysterious person seen going into a door on Pilkington Road turned out to be a delivery man leaving a complimentary newspaper.

12/11/08 7:53 a.m. Water was coming out of the ground on Ridgetop Court.

12/11/08 10:06 a.m. A woman sought advice about leaving her children home alone.

12/11/08 2:31 p.m. One neighbor accused another of harassment on Wilbur Street. This turned out to be an ongoing, non-criminal spat.

12/11/08 6:45 p.m. Neighbors on all sides were conspiring to make banging noises several times a day on Sixth Street.

12/11/08 6:48 p.m. A 20-year-old man with dark hair appeared lost while walking on Marylcreek Drive.

12/11/08 11:26 p.m. Neighbors were banging on the walls on Sixth Street.

12/12/08 12:31 a.m. A Radio Cab went speeding through the area, then stopped in the middle of the road on Lords Lane.

12/12/08 1:46 a.m. A suicide attempt was reported.

12/12/08 10:44 a.m. One student was threatened by another at an undisclosed school.

12/12/08 2:15 p.m. A giant potted plant was knocked over on First Street.

12/12/08 2:25 p.m. A ladder was found leaning against a house on Old River Road.

12/12/08 2:48 p.m. A dog was locked in a car on Eaglecrest Drive.

12/12/08 3:38 p.m. One driver threw a cup of alcohol at another, hitting him in the head on Glenmorrie Drive.

12/12/08 4:39 p.m. A fight was possibly scheduled to occur on Melrose Street.

12/12/08 10:25 p.m. A mailbox was knocked off its post with a pumpkin for the third time since Halloween on Greenridge Drive.

12/12/08 10:38 p.m. Two men attempted to liberate a snowman ornament from a yard on Regency Court, then sped off in a Toyota Cruiser.

12/12/08 11:44 p.m. A man heard yelling about 'rolling someone' was taken to a detox facility from B Avenue.

12/13/08 1:52 a.m. A suicide threat was reported.

12/13/08 10:17 a.m. A suspicious package spotted near a bank turned out to be a bag of garbage on Kruse Oaks Drive.

12/13/08 11:58 a.m. A scruffy man in a white hat was talking to himself on the pitchers mound in a park on Melrose Street.

12/13/08 12:51 p.m. A restraining order violation was reported.

12/13/08 2:12 p.m. Three or four gunshots were reported on Palisades Crest Drive. Police arrived to find the remains of fireworks.

12/13/08 3:36 p.m. A house under construction was vandalized on Third Street, with eggs, spray paint, broken glass and paint cans strewn about.

12/13/08 4:09 p.m. A woman screamed twice on Mt. Jefferson Terrace.

12/13/08 9:42 p.m. Harassment via text message was reported.

12/14/08 10:30 a.m. A group of people were playing in the street on Boones Ferry Road, where a driver reported nearly hitting a child.

12/14/08 10:42 a.m. Police removed very large snowballs from the road on Boones Ferry Road.

12/14/08 10:55 a.m. Five kids were throwing snowballs at cars on Stafford Road.

12/14/08 12:14 p.m. Two juveniles were spotted riding all-terrain vehicles down Palisades Terrace Drive.

12/14/08 12:39 p.m. Reports of a dead dog on Leafy Lane were apparently unfounded. The dog had gotten up and left before police arrived.

12/14/08 12:48 p.m. Approximately seven kids were throwing snowballs at cars on Greentree Road.

12/14/08 1:24 p.m. A boy who threw a snowball at a driver on Greentree Road urged drivers to get off the road so kids could sled.

12/14/08 1:26 p.m. Two kids in a small red Honda were tearing through a parking lot on Lakeview Boulevard.

12/14/08 2:13 p.m. Six kids were throwing snowballs at cars in front of Bellagio's Pizza on McVey Avenue.

12/14/08 4:25 p.m. A black poodle went running down Egan Way.

12/14/08 4:31 p.m. A resident reported a neighbor for parking a car in the resident's front yard on Pine Street.

12/14/08 4:40 p.m. Two cars were 'squirreling around' a church parking lot on Overlook Drive.

12/14/08 9:12 p.m. Six people were throwing snowballs at cars in front of the Gemini on North State Street.

12/15/08 2:04 a.m. A 16-year-old runaway, reported missing several hours earlier, returned home.

12/9/08 3:51 p.m. A fraudulent account was opened in a local person's name.

12/9/08 6:31 p.m. Fraudulent activity on a debit card was reported.

12/10/08 2:47 p.m. A possible fraud and/or stolen checks was reported.

12/10/08 4:01 p.m. Identity theft was reported.

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