Plans call for opening soccer, softball field for schools
by: Arwen Ungar

The former site of Otto H.H. Petersen Elementary is being renovated to become a soccer and softball field for schools in the area.

Scappoose School District Superintendent Paul Peterson said the district is currently working with the city to secure the necessary permits-including one that will dictate the height of the surrounding fence to ensure the safety to those driving by on Highway 30-and he expects construction to begin in the next few weeks.

The project should be completed next year.

'In the fall of 2012 we'll officially open it,' Peterson said. 'We want to make sure the grass we're growing there gets a good start and that it's a safe field for people to play on.'

The district is using bonds to finance the project, which is expected to total $657,500, Peterson said. Colf Construction secured the contract for the construction portion of the field, which is expected to cost $450,000. The rest will be used for amenities, such as backstops.

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