Power outage provokes fire

Neighbor hears alarm, damage limited

A power outage sparked a fire at 1491 Koawood Drive this morning after a heat lamp for a reptile cage powered on during the night and ignited a wooden floor.

The homeowners had left the home due to its lack of power, which was restored around midnight. A neighbor who heard an alarm summoned firefighters just as flames began to reach inside a wall.

"They were really fortunate. They'll need to replace some flooring and do a little bit of wiring and put some sheetrock back up but overall it was minor damage," said Gert Zoutendijk, spokesman for the Lake Oswego Fire Department.

Firefighters reached the burning home using the department's 4x4 brush vehicle to travel the unplowed residential area. The fire was extinguished in about 10 minutes.

It caused approximately $7,000 damage to the house. No injuries were reported to the home's occupants, including the snake that required the heat lamp.