It was a privilege to take part in the recent Lake Oswego School Board election and to participate in important conversations about the future of our wonderful schools.

I want to again offer my congratulations and best wishes to Bob Barman as he joins the School Board in Position 5. Bob ran a great campaign and I believe he has a heart for children that will guide him in his service on the school board.

I also congratulate Tamara DeVirgilio on running a great campaign and making many positive contributions to the community dialogue about our schools. I am pleased that Patti Zebrowski will be joining the school board in Position 1. She is experienced and dedicated and she will serve the district well.

I am grateful to live in a community where people are passionate about the success of our schools. It is remarkable how many people have given up countless hours of their time attending meetings, providing testimony, serving on committees, offering their considerable talents and expertise, raising and donating money and working in the schools to support our staff and students. This has always been the fabric of our community.

As we have examined possible solutions to our funding crisis there have been some difficult moments and plenty of vibrant and healthy dialogue. We have had to deal with economic instability and uncertainty, with differing opinions on how to best use our limited resources, with the closure of a beloved elementary school and there are more changes to come. While it has not been easy, I am encouraged to see many efforts unfolding to work together in positive ways to address our new circumstances.

Over the years I have had many opportunities to witness the hard work and commitment shown by the district administration. I want to acknowledge and commend Dr. (Bill) Korach and his staff for the incredible amount of time, work and care they have put in to help navigate our current economic crisis. Similarly, I would like to recognize and thank the current school board for its service to the community and commitment to providing the direction and guidance to preserve our exceptional schools under exceedingly difficult circumstances. I trust the school board to continue to be good stewards of our district in the coming years.

Overall I found running for school board to be a positive experience. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to meet and work with so many people who are passionate about education and I am truly appreciative for all the encouragement, support, advice and help I received along the way. I feel very proud of the volunteer effort behind my campaign. It was humbling having so many friends (old and new!) give of their considerable time and talent to help in so many ways. Thank you!

I am especially thankful for my wonderful family who were extremely supportive every step of the way. My children Ann and Marcus showed maturity and grace beyond their years and have given me so many reasons to be proud of them. They are the reasons I will continue to find ways to contribute to the success of our schools.

Audrey Monroe is a Lake Oswego resident and recent candidate for the Lake Oswego School Board.

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