Three Rivers League BASEBALL 2011 All-Stars


Player of the Year

Grant Taylor, Lake Oswego

Pitcher of the Year

Riley Wilkerson, West Linn

Coach of the Year

Scott Ackerman, Canby

First Team

CLACKAMAS - Junior Cooper Mickelson (infield).

CANBY - Seniors Adam Bell (infield), Cody Hoffman (catcher) and Taylor Hein (outfield).

LAKE OSWEGO - Seniors Taylor Sanders (catcher) and Grant Taylor (outfield), juniors Tyler Campbell (infield) and Kyle Cameron (first base), and sophomore Jack Anderson (outfield).

WEST LINN - Seniors Riley Wilkerson (infield), Brett Wilkerson (outfield) and Kevin Kawasaki (infield).

LAKERIDGE - Junior Brandon Crane (utility).

Second Team

CLACKAMAS - Senior Grant Rogers (infield) and junior Geoff Houf (infield).

OREGON CITY - Junior Jonathan Reece (infield).

CANBY - Senior Ryan Grant (first base).

LAKE OSWEGO - Senior Brock Pellow (outfield), Mike Stroble (outfield) and Austin Gallagher (utility); junior Max Gabriel (infield) and sophomore Harrison Ramey (infield).

WEST LINN - Senior D.J. Clark (catcher) and junior Nick Hysell (outfield).

LAKERIDGE - Seniors Logan Henry (infield) and Tyler Binns (outfield), and junior Tyler Smith (first base).

Honorable Mention

CLACKAMAS - Seniors Eric Newhouse (infield), Griffin Dahmen (first base) and Sam Burns (catcher).

OREGON CITY - Seniors Mike Stuck (catcher) and Ryan Erickson (outfield), and juniors Marc Morris (infield) and Brad Martin (utility).

WEST LINN - Juniors Jordan Porter (utility) and Ben Trussell (outfield), and sophomore Clayton Gelfand (infield).

LAKERIDGE - Seniors Matt Reyer (infield), Spencer Pearl (catcher) and Tyler Borgeson (outfield); and junior Nick Sotta (outfield).