Player of the Year

JoElla Smith, Madras

Pitcher of the Year

Maycee Abendschein, Madras

Coach of the Year

Shawna McConnell, Madras

First Team

GLADSTONE - Senior Elise Breshears (infield), junior Magan Dean (infield), and sophomore Ashlee Muller (catcher) and freshman Nena Dudley (pitcher).

LA SALLE - Senior Brittaney Niebergall (infield).

MADRAS - Seniors JoElla Smith (catcher), Maycee Abendschein (pitcher), Lauren Short (infield), Alex Holcomb (infield) and Mallory Smith (outfield); junior Hanna Walker (utility); and sophomores Jamie Moe (pitcher), Natalie Martin (outfield) and Caitlin Hulsey (utility).

NORTH MARION - Senior Breezie Bowling (outfield) and sophomore Chelsea Luna (infield).

MOLALLA - Senior Anna Russell (outfield).

Second Team

GLADSTONE - Senior Jessica Jarrett (utility), junior Amanda Curtis (outfield), and freshman Fiona Burrell (outfield).

LA SALLE - Sophomore Ellie Mulvaney (outfield).

MADRAS - Senior Maycee Abendschein (infield) and sophomores Jamie Moe (infield) and Sarah Brown (infield).

NORTH MARION - Junior Courtney Lee (pitcher), sophomore Brianna Breshears (catcher) and freshman Kylie Gonzales (infield).

MOLALLA - Sophomore Sierra Benson (pitcher).

Honorable Mention

GLADSTONE - Sophomore Llexi Baker (outfield).

LA SALLE - Juniors Tiffany Melton (pitcher) and Anna Dulwick (infield).

MOLALLA - Senior Cassidy Skillings (outfield), junior Becca Shrammen (catcher), and sophomore Rebecca Bring (infield).

ESTACADA - Junior Chelsea Shelnut (utility) and sophomores Madison Haga (catcher) and Annie Eads (infield).

NORTH MARION - Senior Kara Hilton (infield).

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