Cars drive too fast on Fosberg Road

To the Editor:

It has come to my attention that on Upper Fosberg Road at the Bay Creek Drive intersection, cars are speeding right by my house.

I would like to propose that there be a stop sign placed there. That is the fastest way to get to school, and every time I cross the street I'm afraid of being hit by a car.

If there could be a stop sign there, it would make the neighborhood and children safer.

Trevor Moore

Lake Oswego

Teen center would offset LO boredom

To the Editor:

As you may know, there is an empty Safeco building in Lake Oswego. I know there must be plenty of proposals, but I think what Lake Oswego needs is a teen center.

As I walk down the halls of Lake Oswego High School, I hear nothing but talk of boredom and plans making for drug usage.

That is why we need a teen center. Too many teens have no other choice because there aren't too many options for those who don't enjoy extracurriculars.

We need a teen center. Please, as a student I get bored and end up playing video games instead of socializing because there's nowhere to hang out.

Garret Gibson

Lake Oswego

Sell Safeco property now

To the Editor:

John Surrett is right on the mark in his Citizen's View ('Safeco purchase generates questions,' Dec. 21).

I would add that if the 2005 Campbell DeLong survey showed only lukewarm interest in the community center at $27 million, then the city council should fund a second survey now with the updated costs: $100 million total project costs, $615 increased tax bill (for 20 years) for the average assessed value of $350,000. This survey might cost the city $10,000 but that is a bargain compared to the $3 million the city will spend by November 2008 to support the loan, architectural fees, support staff salaries and lost property taxes.

I sincerely hope that the mayor and council can do the right thing for the citizens of Lake Oswego, order the survey, assess the support at that level of cost and make the right decision based on the survey results. Stop the community center project now and sell the Safeco property as soon as possible.

Gordon Umaki

Lake Oswego

LOFD provides a Christmas story

To the Editor:

Recently after a holiday gathering at our home, we discovered one of our indoor cats missing.

We scoured the neighborhood for two days with no results. We heard meowing from inside the house ... Tipper was somewhere in the chimney! We called Chiminy Sweeps, Critter Gitters and they were unable to help. As a last result, I called the Lake Oswego Fire Department.

They arrived within 10 minutes of my call, the receptionist stating that she did not know whether they would answer a call like this.

They had Tipper out in 10 minutes. My heartfelt thanks to those two wonderful 'cute' firemen who rescued our beloved cat. Truly a Christmas story!

Connie Millhollen


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