Lake Oswego Police believe Nick Lewis has ties to more than 50 crimes
by: , Nick Lewis

Lake Oswego Police are searching for a man they believe is linked to more than 50 fraud, theft and burglary cases in the Portland area.

Nick Lewis, 38, has allegedly eluded police while on a three week crime spree.

Lewis is a suspect in at least two Lake Oswego burglaries in which bank statements were stolen, then used to fabricate checks.

With the checks, Lewis allegedly made numerous fraudulent transactions throughout the Portland area, including buying a $22,000 car, a 2004 BMW. He is suspected of stealing license plates from other BMWs to avoid police detection.

'We can tie him to 50 or 60 cases,' said Capt. Don Forman, spokesman for the police.

Forman said all of the alleged crimes have occurred since the second week in December. The burglaries occurred in the South Shore Boulevard area. Other local incidents included theft of gasoline from a local station.

'He's gone from crime to crime to crime,' he said. 'He's active right now. He was in Lincoln City yesterday and we have every reason to believe he's back in the Metro area.'

Forman said Lewis eluded police in Lincoln City Jan. 3, where two related arrests were made.

Police there have recovered the stolen car.

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