'It doesn't bother me because if you're not doing anything wrong it doesn't matter. It might help with break-ins because people have broken into cars to steal iPods and other stuff.'

- Sheena Wheeler, Lakeridge senior

'(Cameras) may not provide as much benefit as they think they will. It would be better to have some sort of public announcement or posters explaining car parking and safety rules and reminders for people to lock their cars. Five thousand dollars could be put to better cause.'

- Sean Eberle,

Lakeridge senior

'It's a waste of money. They could put the money toward other things … I doubt they're using (cameras) for safety. They're trying to catch people at lunch.'

- Merav Yami,

Lakeridge junior

'They're going to catch people. That's basically why they're (putting cameras up). We already have a cop on campus. They should put the money into getting more electives.'

- Olga Olsen,

Lakeridge junior

'They're trying to catch people. I think they're more interested in catching people who leave campus.'

- Stephen Pine,

Lakeridge senior

'I think it's a waste of money, but parents freak out over everything. As long as they don't put cameras in the bathroom, it'll be good.'

- Tyler Woodward,

Lakeridge junior

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