Fuller leaves with reputation in place


It was encouraging to see an ethical cloud lifted from former Wood Village Mayor Dave Fuller this week when the state Ethics Commission ruled there was insufficient evidence to indicate that Fuller had violated any laws.

The case stemmed from an ethics complaint filed against Fuller by a fellow city councilor and it involved whether Fuller officially declared a conflict of interest when he participated in budget discussions about a city position held by his daughter.

We recognize that the ethical questions get complicated when a public official such as Fuller is related to someone who is on the payroll of the institution he is helping to lead. However, Fuller and his daughter did not hide their relationship, and Fuller acknowledged during the budget meeting in question that the position was held by his daughter.

On a broader scale, we believe that Fuller is an honest person, even though we have sometimes vigorously disagreed with him on specific issues of importance to East County. Disagreement is one thing - but a person's reputation is another. We are happy to see that Fuller, who has stepped down as a mayor and councilor, is able to leave office with his intact.