Lake Oswego Police seized three loaded semi-automatic weapons from a car on A Avenue during a routine traffic stop Jan. 23.

They say the event is not related to an attempted bank robbery at the Bank of Oswego in Lake Grove, though both incidents occurred within a half-hour of each other.

In what began as a routine traffic stop at Fourth Street and A Avenue, two of four occupants in a green Ford Explorer ended up in the Clackamas County Jail, one on firearm charges and one for probation violations. A third was arrested but not detained.

Capt. Don Forman of the Lake Oswego Police said the traffic stop stemmed from routine violations and a subsequent check of the driver showed he was driving while suspended.

'One of the people produced his Oregon Inmate Card because he didn't have any other form of ID,' Forman said.

That passenger was already on parole for armed robbery, Forman said. The stop was then determined to be high risk and car's occupants were taken out of the car at gunpoint.

Police arrested Kelly Parks, 21, on three counts of felony possession of a firearm. Michael James Gibbs, 26, was also arrested on a probation detainer. Both were lodged at Clackamas County Jail.

Crispin Prado, 29, was arrested but released for driving while suspended and without insurance.

A fourth occupant of the car, a 30-year-old woman, was released at the scene.

'Apparently they were giving her a ride to Beaverton to visit friends,' Forman said.

He said it isn't clear why the guns were loaded or what the foursome riding in the car planned to do with them.

'There wasn't a great deal of cooperation here in solving the mystery,' he said.

A second mystery also went unsolved, about 28 minutes later, when a man wearing a dark stocking cap, sunglasses and a windbreaker tried to steal money from the Bank of Oswego on Mercantile Drive but left without taking anything.

Forman said the timing and location of both crimes indicate a coincidence. At the time of the attempted robbery, the armed suspects were across town in a car and already in contact with the police.

In the attempted robbery, a man described as white and in his early 20s, 5 feet, 9 inches and 150 pounds, walked into the Bank of Oswego in Lake Grove and presented a note to a teller demanding money. No weapon was displayed.

'Apparently the teller turned back and walked away and he scampered off,' Forman said. 'It appears he had a change of heart.'

Police believe the man was driving a red sports car with a spoiler and no license plates.

Forman said the suspect was gone by the time police arrived at the scene. He said the FBI is investigating that case.

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