Snow levels


The snow pack on Mount Hood is what it should be for this time of year. The same cannot be said for the rest of the state.

Measurements taken on Tuesday show a snow pack on Mount Hood that is 98 inches deep and contains the equivalent of 43 inches of water. That is 100 per cent of average, said hydrologist Jon Lea.

'But it's a little bit misleading. We had … that little snowstorm in January and people in Portland thought that we had lots of snow up in the mountains, but we didn't have much more in the mountains than we did in Portland,' Lea said.

The Clackamas River, which is the source of drinking water for Lake Oswego, begins near the south side of Mount Hood.

Lea said some parts of the state have snow packs that are little more than 50 percent of average. Statewide, the snow pack is at 82 percent of average. A month ago it was 92 percent.