Readers Theatre presents I Never Sang for My Father

by: Contributed photo Tim Park, left, and Tobias Andersen talk about the upcoming production from Readers Theatre.

Robert Anderson's drama, 'I Never Sang for My Father,' marks a poignant finale for the 2011 Sandy Actors Readers Theatre season.

The play tells the story of Gene and Tom, a college professor and his father, respectively, whose relationship centers on Gene's desire to earn love from his father and Tom's steadfast inability to provide it.

The show takes place at 7 p.m. Monday, June 20, at the Gresham Historical Society Museum, 410 N. Main Ave.

Tickets are $8 and will be available at the door.

'This play is a moving and perceptive work by one of our most distinguished playwrights,' said Tim Park, chairman of the Readers Theatre. 'It explores Gene's yearning to overcome the alienation he knows exists with his father. It does not give us 'happily-ever-after' answers. But it does mirror our own experience - that we hunger for deeper bonds of love, but in spite of our best intentions, we sometimes fail to find that which we most crave.'

Park added the play also has a special place in the season, as Sandy Actors Theatre regular (and Gresham resident) Bob Rindt was to have played the role of Tom.

Unfortunately, Rindt died in January after a battle with cancer, and his close friend and fellow thespian Tobias Andersen, founder of the Mt. Hood Repertory Theatre Company, will play the part.

'Bob was very instrumental in getting this project on its feet, and we dedicated this season to him,' Park said. 'This show, in particular, is being done in his honor.'

For more information, call Park at 503-869-6183 or visit