Greshams Marie Callenders turns off the oven forever


East Multnomah County residents craving a piece of pie from Marie Callender's on Tuesday discovered the chain's Gresham restaurant permanently closed on June 12.

Perkins and Marie Callender's announced Monday, June 13, that in filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, it will close 58 restaurants.

Those restaurants include three Marie Callender's in Oregon - Gresham's location on Northwest Burnside Road, plus restaurants in Beaverton and Salem.

Gresham's restaurant originally opened in 1998.

Marie Callender's restaurants in Eugene and Medford will remain open under the company's reorganization plan.

It isn't clear how many jobs will be lost in Oregon as a result of the restaurants closing. Some media reports estimated that closing the 58 restaurants would cut 2,500 jobs, or about 20 percent of the company's work force.

Perkins and Marie Callender's are separate brands that operate as two different restaurants, but both are considered family-dining chains known for their baked goods, particularly pies.

Perkins are found in the Midwest and southern states, while Marie Callender's are concentrated in California and the southwest.

The company, based in Memphis, Tenn., owns 133 Perkins restaurants and franchises 315 nationwide, and owns 52 Marie Callender's restaurants and franchises 37.