Country needs a new statesman


I am a Republican. I twice voted for George Bush. I also voted for Ronald Reagan. What a difference! The country is crying out for another statesman, but there are none in sight.

The choice was either Al Gore who was (and still is) spaced out in a climate change panic or John Kerry, who was pretty accurately described by the Swift Boat group. Thankfully neither of these men became president.

Mr. Gore was just heard to say that it's OK for China to build 2,000-plus new coal-fired power plants. They need to catch up with the evil United States who has been polluting the atmosphere much longer! We already get airborne pollution traceable to China. They are catching up.

That isn't to say I am at all satisfied with Mr. Bush. He has some very suspicious intentions regarding Mexico. His nearly complete indifference to conditions on the Mexican border is baffling. His tolerance of the treatment meted out to the two Border Patrol agents just sentenced to long prison terms is mystifying. His Justice Department has just excused the foreign drug smuggler and prosecuted our agents who put that smuggler to flight. These poor men will be lucky to survive a year amongst the murderers in prison. Now the smuggler, who can't believe his good fortune, is going to sue the U.S. government for millions. I expect that our linguine Justice Department will capitulate.

Border Patrol agents are actually being attacked just for attempting to do their jobs. The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps has volunteers at the border helping the Border Patrol do their jobs. My financial support has been going to them instead of to politicians in Washington who are doing very little. Local governments around the country are trying to use city ordinances to defend themselves, because the federal government is out to lunch.

The best I can say is that Mr. Bush is a man of limited competence, as we all are. Beyond that, his known intentions to throw our Mexican and Canadian borders open to unlimited immigration are quite scary. Our banking system now has direct connection to 40 million Mexican bank accounts. That smoothes the transfer of immigrant wages back to the families. But, how about the drug money that rides the same digital streams? Our Social Security system is also being thrown open to illegal immigrants. Hard to believe?

In Mr. Bush's favor are his correct instincts on taxes. The economy is doing pretty well.

Revenue is way up, but it can't catch up with spending. Workers' wages are suffering the outsourcing of manufacturing jobs and the insourcing of service jobs to illegal immigrants. The Democrats have some good ideas for adjusting trade policies to recognize the lack of environmental controls in our foreign trading partners.

I heard Hillary Clinton, the current leading Democratic candidate, declare that she 'will take the oil companies' huge profits and spend them on alternative fuels.' Doesn't that sound like Hugo Chavez? I surely hope she doesn't become president.

George E. Edens is a resident of Lake Oswego.