Skylar Auel faces charges from a year-old incident

The grandson of a famous novelist, known in part for her literary depiction of rape, is facing trial on the same charge for an incident in the Stafford Basin.

Skylar Auel, 19, is also being charged with assaulting two juvenile males and distributing alcohol at a party at his home at 22727 S.W. Stafford Road March 18, 2006.

Auel is the grandson of novelist Jean Auel, author of 'The Clan of the Cave Bear,' a novel chronicling the life of an oppressed Cro-Magnon girl who is repeatedly raped and beaten by the would-be leader of a Neanderthal clan. Altogether, Jean Auel has written five stories, including 'The Clan of the Cave Bear,' in her Earth Children series; a sixth book is forthcoming.

Jean Auel is a long-time supporter for the Clackamas Women's Services, which works to end domestic and sexual violence against women and children. Jean Auel also supports Metro-politan Family Services in Portland, which aids people challenged by cultural and economic disparities.

Stephen Houze, defense attorney for Skylar Auel, declined to comment on the pending case or the relationship between the charges and Jean Auel's literary legacy.

The six-foot, 260-pound Skylar Auel is accused of raping a 17-year-old girl, assaulting her two friends and offering alcohol to all three, all minors, at a shack on his property in the year-old incident.

Auel, a former Lakeridge High School student, faces a charge of first-degree rape in the case, a Measure 11 crime that carries a minimum penalty of 100 months, or just more than eight years, in prison.

He is also charged with one count of second-degree sex abuse, two counts of third-degree assault and three counts of furnishing alcohol to minors.

According to a search warrant in the case, the alleged victim told detectives Auel raped her in a bedroom in his house after she became drunk and vomited at a party there. The alleged victim said she used the bathroom to clean up after vomiting and was shown to the bedroom by Auel after she complained to him that she was drunk.

The victim told detectives she fell asleep fully clothed in the bedroom and awoke to Auel touching her legs, pulling her tights and underwear off and then raping her.

According to the search warrant, witnesses said Auel told them he didn't know where the girl was when she went missing from the party. They also stated they saw the girl crying on a bed after entering the house and saw Auel emerge from the room buttoning his pants.

The girl was taken to Legacy Meridian Park Hospital by her mother, where physical evidence of the alleged rape was collected.

Investigators, acting on the search warrant, seized swabs from Auel's mouth and also sought the girl's clothing and jewelry from his home in April 2006. Auel was indicted by a grand jury last September.

A trial in the case was originally scheduled for November 2006 and is currently set for next Tuesday at 9 a.m. in Clackamas County Circuit Court.

Scott Healy, deputy district attorney for Clackamas County, and Houze both said the case is not likely to be tried next week and will instead be postponed.

While awaiting trial, Auel attends Portland Community College and lives with his parents in the family's Stafford Road home. He is not allowed contact with juveniles or with his victims and is prohibited from using drugs or alcohol by the terms of his release agreement.

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