Metro will pay a visit to neighborhoods


Lake Oswego's Neighborhood Action Coalition will host a forum on land use topics with Metro Wednesday, the first of its kind to be brought to local audiences by a neighborhood group.

Jim Bolland, chair of the LONAC land use committee, said those interested in growing density and planning on traffic corridors such as Boones Ferry Road, A Avenue and Country Club Road in Lake Oswego can benefit from the event.

Metro officials are expected to present information on those topics and on population growth projections, affordable housing rules, town centers, planned developments and on how they make money.

'This is for anybody who's involved in neighborhood work, neighborhood associations, anybody interested in where the land use program comes from,' Bolland said.

The Land Use Summit with Metro was conceived by local resident and former land use attorney Adrianne Brockman.

Bolland said LONAC volunteers have worked to bring regional planners to the event and to develop informed questions for an audience from Lake Oswego, West Linn and Tigard.

Robin McArthur, regional planning director for Metro, and Ray Valone, principal planner for Metro's planning department, will make the opening presentation, responding to questions supplied by the group.

LONAC has asked the duo to answer questions about regional growth projections, requirements for density and for town centers, rules for affordable housing, transportation plans, fees and taxes and Metro's authority over local governments.

'Part of this is so people understand what Metro is mandating so we provide some context to what's going on in the city,' Bolland said.

The 7:15 p.m. forum begins with the presentation and will lead to a question and answer period.

Planning officials from Lake Oswego and Tigard were invited along with neighborhood groups and residents from those cities and West Linn. Lake Oswego's Chamber of Com-merce has also been invited to send members of its land use and government affairs committee.

'It's exciting that we have a city organization like LONAC putting on this kind of presentation because I'm not aware of us doing this before, or anybody doing anything like it, where it's not driven by local governments, it's driven by citizens like us,' said Bolland.

The city of Lake Oswego has donated council chambers in city hall for the event, 380 A Ave.

The forum will be televised on cable access in March.