Bikes should have license plates

There needs to be license plates put on bikes. Today as I was driving home, I saw an adult rider go straight through a stop sign on Sixth Street in Beaverton. There is a regular bicyclist who rides on Jenkins Road who likes to ride the white line.

If they pass the law that requires drivers to move over 3 feet away from bicyclists, does that include the bicyclist who is breaking the law riding the white line and not choosing to ride as close to the curb as possible?

People do not expect children to know the law, but adult riders should know road rules. The hostility bike riders are feeling from drivers is because they break the law. They also should have to pay something for their space.

If bicyclists had license tags, drivers could report them, so the police could send out reminders what the law says they should be doing.

One day while going to work, I was sitting next to a Beaverton police officer at a red light, and a bicyclist went through the red light and the officer did nothing. Why? Maybe the officer had something more important to get to, but if bicyclists had a tag, the officer could have noted it and followed up later. Something needs to be done about the attitude of bicyclists who don't want to follow the rules.

Another good reason for tags is that some people who ride bikes are thieves checking out cars to break into, for example. If bikes had tags, would thieves want to use this as their transportation? If the bike gets stolen, it would be an identifier. People would have something to give the police when they see suspicious behavior.

Bicyclists need to start following the road rules if they want respect. People don't respect people who break the road rules, men who where spandex and head gear that looks like a duck sitting on their head.

Car drivers are tired of bike riders getting away with breaking the road rules.

Sign me: Fed up with freeloading bike riders.



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