KING CITY - The King City Mayor Ron Shay and the Council were busy in February interviewing candidates for the City Manager job. The current City Manager Jane Turner is semi-retired saying she will stay on until a new manager is hired and trained.

The Council met for a workshop session to discuss the resumes that have come in and to review the process for picking the top candidate. The following week they held interview sessions to talk to several of the candidates. The Council hopes to have a satisfactory candidate picked out by the end of March.

The Council came to several decisions at the regular meeting Feb. 7 with all the Council members present.

Reader Board at Deer Creek Elementary School

What is going on:

The school Tigard-Tualatin School District is requesting that a $900 fee required to apply for a variance to the King City sign code be waived.


The school would like to install a reader board sign along the highway, but it would be larger than currently allowed by City Code. The sign would announce important school information and school activities to the public.

It costs $900 to take the question to the King City Planning Commission and ask for a variance allowing a larger sign.

City Manager Jane Turner recommended in her report that the waiver be approved allowing the school to seek the variance from the Planning Commission.

The vote:

The Council approved of the waiver with all seven voting yes.

Sidewalk construction and moving a wall

What is going on:

The City wants to move a retaining wall that narrows a sidewalk in front of the private residence of Mr. and Mrs. Blaine Ewers, 15915 S.W. Royalty Parkway.


At some time in the past a retaining wall on this property was built narrowing the sidewalk to less than what is required by City Code.

Investigating the City determined that the retaining wall is within the City's easement. Since it was not feasible to find the original property owner responsible for allowing the retaining wall to be built in the first place, the City took responsibility for correcting the construction and will bring the sidewalk up to code at an estimated cost of $8,000 to $10,000.

City Manager Jane Turner said the City was awarded a Washington County Coordinating Committee grant that would cover the cost of the construction. She recommended that the Council approve of the construction.

The vote:

The Council approved with all seven councilors voting yes.

Approve a cost increase for engineering

What is going on:

King City does not have a staff engineer that reviews plans brought to the City by housing developers or for road repair work. The City Engineer services are provided by Kyle McTeague and others of the staff from Murray, Smith and Associates.

There is a schedule of charges for these services as they are provided. City Manager Jane Turner provided a list of those charges that are currently in use and a list of the increase the firm is requesting.

Turner recommended that it be approved.

The vote:

No vote was taken. Instead, the Council is going to investigate other engineering firms to determine if the City can get the services at a lower cost.

March King City City Council meeting schedule:

March 7 at 7 p.m. and March 21 at 7 p.m. in King City City Hall, 15300 S.W. 116th Ave., King City.

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