Will the addition of Barlow graduate Freddie Jones result in a playoff berth for the Portland Trail Blazers?
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Last week's trade for Barlow graduate Freddie Jones shows the continued commitment that the Portland Trail Blazers are making to hometown fans. But will the move give the Blazers enough wins down the stretch to reach the playoffs in 2007?

I applaud the addition of Jones and am excited to see how he fits into the rotation. The 27-year-old guard showed plenty of promise during his first four years in Indiana, often coming off the bench to give the Pacers an offensive boost. After struggling a bit this year in Toronto, I expect Jones to regain his shooting touch and play a key role in Portland.

Still, I think the Blazers are a year away from returning to the playoffs. They simply have too many teams to leapfrog during the next few months, and the inconsistent play of a young team will leave them at home in June. Recent setbacks to teams such as Memphis and Seattle will haunt the Blazers when late-May rolls around.

Regardless of how they finish, I decided to renew my unofficial Blazers' fan card at the start of this season, and the addition of Freddie makes me that much more excited for Portland basketball. In a few weeks, I will be attending my first Blazers' game in more than five years.

Here's to Freddie making a splash in the red and black, and to a Blazers playoff run…in 2008.

What do you think?

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