Near the end of our January story about a pedestrian fatality on Bybee Boulevard on January 2nd, we added that a second pedestrian had been struck on Saturday, January 13th, at 10:23 am, a mile away. It had happened on S.E. 17th Avenue in Sellwood, in front of the postal facility at Ochoco Street; but we added that it appeared the pedestrian in this case had survived the injury. We were able to learn little else about this second incident, due to new federal privacy laws which bear on all news media.

However, on Thursday, February 1st, we received a telephone call from a man who informed us he had been the pedestrian in the second incident, and offered some details of the mishap. His name is Brandon Burleson, his age is 25, and he is a resident of Phoenix, Arizona, and had been in Portland on vacation.

Burleson told us he had just been at the postal building, and in leaving had been attempting to cross 17th at what he now regards as a 'dangerous intersection', because the jog in 17th at Ochoco Street creates a blind curve at that point. He does not remember much about his actual collision with the car, but has since learned that three witnesses said he had stepped out in front of the car, which was driven by an 'older woman', and thus he himself appears to have been at fault in the incident. No citations were issued.

As for Burleson's injuries, he said he suffered a shattered left tibia and shattered left wrist, both of which were repaired with metal pins by doctors at Oregon Health Sciences University, to which he had been taken by ambulance. He spent four days in the hospital, and by the time he called THE BEE he was getting around with a walker--but was preparing to return to Phoenix on the weekend of February 3rd.

Interestingly, Burleson added that he greatly liked Portland, did not think the less of the city because of his accident, and looked forward to a return visit, which hopefully would be less painful.

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