A confusing, elitist campaign has been launched against the Kampa Lane annexation, which was unanimously referred by the City Council to Sandy voters. Ballots will be mailed Friday.

Full of misinformation, the attack really appears to be aimed at the city zoning code that was adopted in 1998 after much discussion and public input at the Planning Commission and City Council. The city development plan calls for a wide range of housing in Sandy to help keep Sandy the diverse community it has become.

In a Sandy Post guest commentary last week, a writer incorrectly says that 230 homes already have been approved for Sandy Bluff (in fact, it's approved for 185 homes) and that most lots will be 34 feet wide (that's simply not true). Also, the writer claims there will be 200 homes built on the 22.79 acres in the Kampa Lane annexation. In the first place, we have already determined that about 20 percent of the Kampa Lasne property will be left in open space. In the second, the exact density will be in accordance with the Sandy Development Plan, which appears to allow around 130 homes. And the final plan will be reviewed for conformity by the Sandy Planning Commission.

Those are just three examples in a confusing array of information and misinformation which purports to bare directly on the Kampa Lane annexation but which looks to be drawn from the writer's personal complaints about housing development in a number of areas. One part of this campaign seems to say that if you can't afford a large home on a large lot, you don't belong in Sandy.

Besides the continued construction of diverse housing stock in Sandy, we are working with the city to help make the Sandy Bluff neighborhood a safer place for the families who live there. The plan is to improve the traffic flow in the Sandy Bluff neighborhood, which is one of the City Council's traffic goals over the next two years.

Currently, Green Mountain Street, one of the Sandy Bluff neighborhood streets, is the main route for traffic traveling from this area of northwest Sandy to Bluff road. The Kampa Lane annexation will provide and pay for an extension of Jewelberry Avenue to Kelso Road over the annexed property. Traffic planners estimate that this and the proposed construction of Bell Street will divert 308 automobile trips daily from Green Mountain Street and will reduce traffic on Bluff Road by 500 trips daily.

We want to make this a nice, comfortable community that will be a credit to the city. We already have worked with the city to build a sewage pump station for the entire area. We also worked with the city in building the Sandy Bluff neighborhood park and donated $100,000 toward the park's cost. And it's important to remember that the Kampa Lane neighborhood will expand the city's tax base.

Help keep Sandy livable for everyone. Help make the Sandy Bluff neighborhood safer by decreasing traffic on its neighborhood streets. Vote yes on the Kampa Lane annexation.

Jan Barkley is a member of Kampa Lane LLC.

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