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I have to admit, I'm a MySpace junkie. My wife's one, too. If you have never been on the ultra-popular online social network, let me explain. It's the epitome of me-centered technology (in the vein of the iPod and YouTube); you create a Web page on a seemingly rudimentary system, filling it with your interests, favorite songs, photos and blog entries (online journals… good thing I'm interpreting, huh?).

The most important part of the MySpace experience, arguably, is having friends, so much that the site's motto is 'A place for friends.' Using their fair-to-decent search engine, you can find your coworkers, family members, second grade classmates, piano teachers, kindergarten ex-girlfriends and, in some cases, even other people's pets. It's a weird world.

Anyway, you find all of these people on there, and you send them messages, a sort of internal e-mail that has somehow lured people away from instant messaging. You give comments, too, which appear on the page and show how cool you are to the whole world. You can also comment on people's photos.

Well, in the spirit of progress and of trying to get the next generation of Sandyites interested in the news, we've set up a MySpace account of our own at .

This is by no means a replacement for our ever-improving Web site,, but it's a way for the age 18-24 demographic (of which I'm a part) to better relate to us. It's not the place to post news; it's a place for The Post and all of its MySpace 'friends' to chat about the issues that matter to them, send story tips and critique our paper.

I'd really like to see some sort of feature develop from this new undertaking… something like, 'Notes from MySpace.' I'll think a little harder about a name. But I'd like to use this page as an avenue for change in The Post and yet another way to get locals in the paper.

So if you have a MySpace, check us out, add us to your 'friends' and let's talk. It's just one more reason for me to be an Internet junkie, and one more way for us to hear from you. Of course, you can always e-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., send snail mail to P.O. Box 68, Sandy, 97055, call 503-668-5548, or visit 39110 Pioneer Blvd., Suite B.

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