Matching wits in chess

Students from each Sherwood school compete in the Jack Weeks Cup

They take their chess very seriously in Sherwood elementary schools.

Ten chess club members from each school - Archer Glen, Hopkins, and Middleton - gathered at the Sherwood YMCA on Saturday, February 10, to vie for the Jack Weeks Cup. This tournament, which is in its second year, is coordinated by Chris Brooks, the leader of the Archer Glen chess club, with help from Kevin Henry (Hopkins), William Teesdale (Middleton), and Kris Field-Eaton, the Talented and Gifted Program coordinator for Sherwood.

The tournament organizers use a special software program that matches players of roughly equal ability. Players accumulate points during the tournament, and the winning players and teams are those with the highest number of points at the end. This year, the Archer Glen team had 24.5 points, Middleton 22.5, and Hopkins 19. The individual winners were as follows:

2nd Grade Champion: Cameron Johnson, 3.5 points (Hopkins)

3rd Grade Champion: Andrew Teesdale, 3.5 points (Middleton)

4th Grade Champion: James Nappe, 6 points (Middleton)

5th Grade Champion: Robert Howe, 6 points (Archer Glen)

James Nappe and Robert Howe, with the same high score, were declared "co-champions" of the tournament, with Archer Glen retaining the Jack Weeks Cup as the overall team champion.

On February 17, Sherwood's elementary chess teams are scheduled to participate in the regional Chess for Success tournament against elementary schools from Beaverton, Tigard and Tualatin. Winners of that tournament will qualify for the state tournament at the Oregon Convention Center.