Barring injury, Brandon Roy is a lock to make the NBA all-rookie team. Here are Roy's picks for the other four spots on the team:

Adam Morrison, Charlotte: 'Adam is going to be a good player. Right now he's having ups and downs, but rookies have them. He's going to be a tough player to guard. He is 6-7 and shoots the ball at a high level. He's going to be a scorer in this league.'

Andrea Bargnani, Toronto: 'He has the ability to stretch the defense out (with his perimeter shot). He can score. He's young, so he'll continue to develop. He's a legit 7 feet. I see flashes of Dirk Nowitzki.'

Rudy Gay, Memphis: 'Out of the whole rookie class, Rudy has the most potential. He's a talented player. When we were working out for Portland before the draft, I thought, 'Man, this dude is going to be good.' '

Randy Foye, Minnesota: 'Foye is just solid. He reminds me a lot of myself. He is a guy who will guard bigger players. He's a tough competitor. He may not have the athleticism of Rudy Gay, but he's smart and a very good player.'

NBA rookie leaders (through Wednesday)

Points Rebounds Assists FG% 3-Pt.% FT%

Brandon Roy 15.8 4.0 3.7 .447 .348 .828

Adam Morrison 13.1 3.2 2.1 .383 .338 .698

Andrea Bargnani 10.8 3.7 0.8 .421 .369 .835

Jorge Garbajosa 8.7 5.2 2.0 .422 .338 .767

Rudy Gay 9.9 4.1 1.1 .426 .398 .692

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