Letters to the Editor March 3


Administration isn't supporting our troops

The Bush Administration has cut funding for the Center for Traumatic Brain Injury in HALF- to repeat- in HALF! This despite the fact that head and brain injuries are the signature wound of the Iraq occupation. And even though we are still at war, the funds have still been cut by the previous Republican controlled Congress. Hopefully, the new 110th Congress will reverse this travesty of the administration's lack of care for our troops and veterans by restoring funding for the Center for Head Injury and Trauma immediately. However, it would be helpful if everyone reading this would contact your congress person by phone (e-mails are often deleted) to add emphasis for the immediate and urgent need to restore funding for the center.

It is also most interesting to note that Vice President Dick Cheney found out firsthand that the insurgents were NOT in their last throes. I will be so glad when these delusional neocons are out of office. Hopefully, they will not have ruined the country beyond repair.

Mike Mattingly


Wishes do come true with a little help

If I was the Fairy godmother to a couple of very nice older ladies and had broken my wand I would be so glad to live in the area of East County and the city of Portland. Even with a working wand, making dreams and wishes come true is a challenge. But in our community, it can be done by a mere mortal such as me or so it might seem on the surface. Look closely and you'll find an immensely generous group of people who are willing to give of themselves and their resources to bring joy and fulfillment to others. The 'others' in this fairytale were Juanita Blair, 96, and May Osborn, 92. These two ladies have been devoted friends for more than 70 years and our community helped them celebrate a new chapter in their lives together. Our community has rejuvenated Juanita and May in a way that only love and caring can. No drug or therapy can do for people what people can do for each other.

This letter is written to give thanks to the people and the businesses that made it all possible. Including, Les Johnson of Luxury Accommodations Limousine Service; Patty Haas and William Halleran of Saks Fifth Avenue; Cheryl Graves, Molly Kelley and Cara Shadley at DuBois' Salon and Rainforest Spa; Suzanne Bacigalupi and Norm Yates of Saks Fifth Avenue; Hair by Velora; Rob Meeker and the Central Cafe; Gresham Mayor Shane Bemis and Erik Kavarten, Gresham city manager; Gresham Police Chief Carla Piluso and officers; Gresham Assistant Fire Chief Jim Klum and Firefighters; Crystal and Shauna from Four Seasons Photography; Erin Shea and Shanda Tice of The Outlook; Dee Throckmorton and Gresham Village Florist. Juanita and May say thank you to all of their wonderful new friends and hope to see you again for another adventure.

Juanita said to me on the way back to the care facility, 'It took me getting to 96 years old to feel this important, whoa, and was it ever worth it.'

Susan Bowker


Equity is still an issue for women

March 1 marked the start of Women's History Month. In this historic year for women in which Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi shattered the marble ceiling, a record number of women were elected to Congress, the first woman president was named at Harvard and Wimbledon agreed to pay women players the same as men, Women's History Month serves as an important celebration of the progress that has been made by women.

Congratulations to Mt. Hood Community College for their Women's Herstory Celebration. With the theme 'Generations of Women Moving History Forward,' the varied events were inspiring, informative, and entertaining. Events like these provide our community an up-close-and-personal look at potential and progress.

This year, the American Association of University Women, one of the oldest and most respected women's organizations, celebrates 125 years of influencing the social, political and economic status of women. I am proud to join with them in recognizing March as Women's History Month, because equity is still an issue.

Mardy Stevens