In approving a no-frills two-year contract, LOEA teachers take a very high road

There's a word for it:





But perhaps Lake Oswego School Superintendent Bill Korach used the two best words to describe what members of the Lake Oswego Education Association did in approving a new two-year employment contract with the Lake Oswego School District.

'Class act,' he said of the teacher union members in approving a contract that has no frills, bells or whistles along with no cost-of-living salary increases and no step increases for the first year.

As the district continues to scratch and claw for every penny, all the while facing the tough reality that it needs to close Palisades Elementary School now, and next year close Uplands Elementary and reconfigure Bryant Elementary next year into part of Waluga Middle School, the reality is that financial support has to come from all directions.

And it has.

The action by the teachers helps to supplement the hard decisions made by the school board, the money contributed by numerous residents to the Lake Oswego School Foundation and the individual sacrifices made by a number of concerned individuals, including Korach.

The school chief said the teachers were very respectful of what the district was trying to do financially.

'We are very, very pleased and appreciative' of what they did, Korach said.

The new contract was announced Monday evening at the Lake Oswego School board meeting.

Also at the meeting, the board approved a $58.7 million budget for the 2011-12 school year.

We want to acknowledge the obvious here: Economically, we continue to wallow in tough times. Despite that, students in the Lake Oswego School District get a very good education. And the teachers that provide that education for them? Well, in two words, they are a class act.

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