Surguries performed for half the cost
by: Clinton Vining, Dr. Kay Edwards operates on a cat on Spay Day USA last week.

Eagle Fern Veterinary Hospital (EFVH) spayed and neutered 21 dogs and cats on Feb. 28 as part of Spay Day USA, a national event to elevate the public's awareness on the need to spay and neuter dogs and cats.

The Estacada veterinarians performed the surgeries for half of the cost. EFVH's Eagle Fern Fund for Animals covered the remaining half. The Eagle Fern Fund for Animals is a fund established by EFVH to help its veterinarians care for stray animals that have been found, injured or sick. The fund is used to help Good Samaritans pay for care of a stray until hopefully an owner can be found.

The day started with an unexpected spay of a pregnant Boston Bull Terrier having difficulty delivering her three puppies. Dr. Kay Edwards delivered Veronica's three healthy puppies by a caesarian section.

Then, the vets continued into the afternoon with the planned spays and neuters. They did five of each operation on dogs, and on cats.

The benefits of spaying your female animal are to lower incidence of mammary cancer, prevent pyometra (a uterine infection) and prevents pet from going into heat and unwanted pregnancies.

The benefits of neutering include: prevents enlargement or infection of the prostate, prevents certain types of hernias and tumors of the testicles and anus, and lessens tendencies for wandering, aggression, urine marking and inappropriate mounting.

EFVH has more information about spaying and neutering, as well as breeding tips. Call 503-630-3538.

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